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My bet to a workmate over the future of cars


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On 24/05/2023 at 12:44 PM, Autosteve said:

Yer I understand what they are trying to do. Somewhere back in the 66 pages this topic takes up now I mentioned the rail line that does this energy production along it's whole length and can have multiple trains all generating power as long as they are going on the downhill run as the other return track is uphill.

They have been using that system for decades now.

The problem with this system here though is just how much power are you expecting from the drop of one building?

Then it becomes how many of these buildings do you require and who controls it all so the the end user gets a  constant supply of reliable power?


It's all in the article 😉

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Ooh! Redox flow batteries for household use 🙂




And on the other end of the technology spectrum, improved EV batteries 🙂



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