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Houseball #6 2020 - Xmas Edition

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We have reached the point where we have a reserves list. if someone pulls out we work our way down the reserves to replace them.


This is also at the hosts discretion so it may be opened up to a few more people as we get closer to Xmas.

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I can't make this one :cry , Trav And Sara always look after us . Pissed off I have a 50th on same day . have a blast dudes ..



And Santa bought you a big tongue kiss......:lol

Maybe next year.....:blink::blink::blink:

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Hey all not long to go now.. lol


Will work out game list this week.



The plan is meatball subs..


However if you have some special requests, veg or vegan let me know via PM and I will do my best to cater.



Trav and Sarah

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Yo all.


Just to clear up what seems to be some confusions.

I am not going to SUBWAY......


We are making meatball subs at home.


So everyone can stop sending me their subway orders... lol


For those that don't want meatballs we will have some vegan sausages and normal sausages.

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Now Joe and Jack are out

Nick Noben comes in

and @Cranky Dave now has the decision if Rusty or Cazz are allocted #30 = coming & #31 = Reserves list:lol:lol:lol

​​​​​​​Good luck Cranky


Lucky for us (well possibly me) numbers can be reassessed and the host has the ability to increase numbers.

See everyone there �

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