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NRI G-13 not working help



I have a coffe expending machine, with a nri g-13. 1313/2 there is nothing about repairing this thing on the internet, i saw some answer on this forum about it so im searching for someone who know about this thing.

The coffe machine starts and wait for the coins, til here all is right, but now if you put coins nothing happens, there is a led screen with 4 digits, it has been showing different error codes when i take out the nri g13, but there is no info on this error codes, it start and there is two options, the led screen show nothing or it shows four zeros, if you put coins nothing happens in both states. The connector of the nri g13 is a 10 one, i will add photos, i tried to test the voltage of 12 volts but i cant found 12 volts, its not only quite difficult reading, it reada tiny voltage in each pin, i was comparing to a nri g13 6000 manual that i found online. It has 3 switches sections, the inside one that is 6 switches and the outsides ones are two 7 switches. I think the inside ones are for not aceppting any coins and the outside for 2 prices. I dont know much more. If you can give some advise it will be great. Thanks in advance.


PD: i have another nri g13 it is older, i think we replaced it because it wasnt working. There is a photo




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the 6 pin dipswitch in for not accepting the coin. If all are off all type of coins are accepted. make sure switch 3,4 and 5 are off- that's for 20cent $1,$2. You say nothing happens but something must happen. Check if the coin falls thru the accepted slot or the reject slot. If you don't measure 12V it will certainly fall thru the reject coz it has no power to go thru the accepted slot. Check the source of where the 12V is coming from would be an easy best start. Maybe the DC power supply has blown so check there and if no 12V check if it has a fuse that has blown.
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