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Looking for a pin


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Morning all,


Looking for one of the following. Adams, Monster Bash original, Centaur Paragon, Earthshaker, Elvira and the Party Monsters. A good machine in good nick is what Im chasing. Not interested in Doer uppers or over inflated prices that have made their way into the hobby.



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Hi Rich,


Some great titles there!


As most of us know, finding almost any pinball game here is getting difficult, in any condition. Almost gone are the days of bulk containers bringing large amounts of Arcade/Pinball Games to Australian shores.


Just letting you know that we are still importing from the USA so if it helps we have a service that can make it easy to access the biggest Arcade/Pinball Game market in the world

by organising to get your game/s back home. We have helped a lot of Aussie's over the years get those special game/s that they have not been able to find here.


Once you locate a game, we can assist with general advice, Storage in California, Shipping from there to Brisbane, Power Conversion, Report, Repair & Resto, On-Shipping to your door.


PM me if you would like more info.

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