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KJS Pinball Launch


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Hi Everyone,


So as some of you may know we ( Kurt, Jack and Suzie) have started a part time pinball parts business.

This is in part due to the big down turn we have experienced in our work lives and also at the suggestion of friends and suppliers.

We aimed for the launch September 1st and to have all stock in house ready to roll....and we made it!


We are specilaizing in all of the custom bits and pieces I have done over the years along with stocking parts for restorations here in Brisbane.

At this stage we will not be having a website, just mail outs to those interested and a social media site exposure along with here on Aussie Arcade.


We have partnered up with Pinsound to supply their awesome gear here and are stocked up on the major items.

Can assist with custom sound and shaker packages if needed.


We also will be holding stocks of premium quality LEDs, thanks to Ryza's help, so no need to preorder and wait now.

These leds are awesome if you have not already tried them and represent great value and more options like antighosting, flame, rgb star posts, higher spec leds etc.

We are not offering kits - who are to tell you how to light your machine up! But, we are happy to offer advice and show you our machines and ideas.


We are stocking Perfect Play Silicone rubber as well. An awesome alternative and they have met with great reviews. Strong vibrant colours.

Been running these in Creature and Theatre for testing and they are holding up well and have great feel on the flippers.


We are stocking Pin2dmd colour displays either hardware only assembled, or fully configured and activated along with a donation to the colour artist on all units.

This important to keep projects like this going in the industry. There are a myriad of parts available to assemble these and the quality varies greatly.

We are only using the highest spec and quality components and panels, be aware they are not all the same.

You can also build your own units as an option if you have the time and knowledge.


Mods galore! We have partnered with some suppliers overseas to supply great mods for games like Getaway, Attack from Mars, Star trek next Gen etc.

We promise we will not have figures with bulging eyes due to having wiring inserted in the rear end!

Custom one off translites and speaker panels and also supplies to build your own custom speaker panels.


Mirror blades - Grade #8 highest spec Stainless mirror and Coloured Stainless in Gold, Black, Green and Blue.


And lots of basic restore components such as hardware, trims, buttons, rebuild kits, coils etc.


Lastly, I would personally like to thank Travis and the AA team for their support and platform to share our endeavour.

And also all of our friends, pinball and non pinball, for the support and ideas as we go.


You can contact us on the details below:


E: kjspinball@gmail.com


M: 0492 859 754


Thank you and Happy Flipping!


Kurt, Jack and Suzie




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Hi all. Ok depending of course on popularity we are going to do occasional specials and giveaways to AAers.


First up we have a new batch of #8 High finish beautiful mirror blades in. They look great.


Normally we are selling for $65 a set, but will sell the first 10 sets for $50. Bally williams or Stern/DE


Come with screws, double sided tape and mounting options for tacks or screws whatever you prefer.

Beautiful radius cuts. Pickup Brisbane Southside or post and packing to Eastern states approx $25 set.


We also are doing a mod I have put in my machines for a while now. Mirror bladed strips for your inlanes to cover the black wood rails.

Look awesome in a blinged up game. $20 per meter and we can cut your lengths needed for a small fee.


Happy Blinging





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Hi All


Quick update...


Fresh stock of gold, black and high spec silver mirror blades in stock.


New batch of Pin2dmd Evo displays in stock 128x32.

Very small run of Data East 128x16 and Sega large screens

screens in transit.


New stocks of Leds arriving this week.


Plus lots of resto parts and mods on hand.


The Big O Jiggly martians have landed!


Happy Flipping





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