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NAMCO Prop Cycle


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On came up recently on GT that was listed as an exercise bike. It might pay to widen your normal search parameters!


Dam... I've got alerts on ebay and gumtree but nothing yet. The physical size of the machine not sure how many survived rare to begin with.

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We had a couple of those. Interesting machine, earned well for a couple of weeks and then died. Had to rotate sites but always performed well at the start. Typical Namco reliabilty, ( not much at all ever went wrong with them).

Alpine Ski was another machine that performed exactly like Prop Cycle.

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@Mattp get on this fast. Insane that there's even a fully working one around these days. It's in amazing condition as well.

Please view this ad:

Coin operated arcade game,

Price: $2,500

Download the application from the Google Play Store.

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