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Terminator 2 build from Scratch

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Well where do I start I have been addicted to pinball since the early 90’s when I wouldn’t eat lunch at school to be able to drop $5 into Getaway and the Addams Family on the way home. When I left school and started my apprenticeship I used to get the Melbourne Trading post and see the machines being off loaded for as little as $500 for a getaway in 1996 which was out of my reach on $200 a week. Fast forward to 2001 and I picked my first pin up from a fish and chip shop an Indiana Jones for $1100 and then an Addams Family for $900! Over the next couple of years added a Twilight Zone and a Getaway. Then into storage at the Parents house and skipped the country. Fast forward to 2018 still have them all and add a Dr Who and a Fish Tales. Add a wife a business and a Kia Carnival full with 4 Kids I need an outlet pinball was back in the frame as reviving my footy career was not an option.


I wanted another machine and always loved T2 but Was never in the right place at the right time to pick one up. After getting some parts for my other machines to tune them up I got the bug again. I saw a T2 playfield that was not in Very good condition stuffed really but hey I heard about these people who restore them could I do it? Why not I’ll have a crack. So I bought it watched some YouTube videos removed the Mylar cleaned it up and then started the hunt to find every part for a T2 Pinball machine.


I searched the internet, found Pinside and watched the market place. Found some parts came up and bought my first pieces. Being a newbie got the courage to place a Wanted add. Got a few replies were contacted by some good people then there was one who contacted me who said do you know about Aussie Arcade?? I ended buying a fair few parts from this user and he ended up being from what I can see a T2 guru and Aussie Arcade regular. Since then haven’t looked back and are addicted to the Pinball For Sale Section, Restoration threads and well pretty much the whole site really!


So it’s now 2020 I have sourced a lot of parts now and thought I would have a go at recording it. Now I have started this build a while back so I’m going to start from then but as you would know you don’t just slap it together so with 4 Kids a business a wife and Covid my posts could be an will most likely be erratic. So with that being said my first pics will be the pile of parts I have collected.


So that’s the start of my T2 build thread thanks for looking!



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Good on you mate for posting and great info! Look forward to updates. After .medieval madness conversion, my advice is to be happy to take it slow and stop if you aren't enjoying it or getting frustrated!
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Awesome, scratch build threads are great. How are you going to tackle the wiring loom? Or do you have one already?


Well regarding the wiring I would love to pick up a harness if anyone has one laying around but I have the Addams to copy cabinet wiring and the loom I have is as per picture below 😂I’m a fridge mechanic so control wiring doesn’t scare me I have a manual but obviously that has mistakes in it but when it comes to it I’ll research what they are. If you have watched a YouTube video of a stern tour they wire there looms on a board was thinking of doing something like that 🤷��♂� and recording lengths etc so to help others maybe????? Ultimately if someone else had one I could borrow and copy that would be best I think. Cheers for the interest��

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Very nice. Looking forward to seeing our progress.


I reckon the canon would be the only mech that isn't a standard part. Is that available?


The canon parts are available not new that I have found but I have sourced second hand Parts from around the globe that I need to pull apart and clean etc. I need to find/make a bracket missing from the motor assembly that the limit switches fit to and need the PCB EMI Board for the motor but might have to make this also. Hoping these parts turn up when needed but always searching.

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Hey @Brendo 78 - could loan you one of my T2 project harnesses to copy if that helps and can get you the bracket measurements as well


Great write-up and will be following with interest


Hey @Manny65 that would be awesome to borrow some harnesses. The bracket would be awesome also! Will let you know when I’m up to it. ��

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Thanks to all that have liked and responded to my first post of my restoration. I appreciate all the offers given and will take all of them up when needed so you will hear from me if you haven’t already! See below for the next instalment.


The parts pile was building and still being added to. I needed to start doing something to start the build. I didn’t have a cabinet but had a shagged playfield but did have a used translite and speaker panel so decided to start making the speaker assembly first just to get started.


I removed the panel from my Getaway and used this as the template. I measured the MDF thickness and sourced the timber. If you know your T2 machines you know the speaker panel is different than all the machines after it, the viewing panel is actually lower on the T2 and the DMD is held in position by 2 brackets not the just the 4 Speaker type screws.


The brackets would be impossible to find I thought so I just modelled the Panel on the Getaway just dropping the viewing panel.


I had sourced all the screws, T Nuts, H Channel and speaker mesh which required painting Red. I used a router to recess the areas for the mesh in my panel and then used the router bit in a drill press to recess the T Nut positions. The speaker mesh I had was for WPC 95 so had to trim, paint and stapled into position when it came to it.


I didn’t have any speakers and thought best to try and get original speakers. Placed a wanted add here on Aussie Arcade and @Manny65 came through with a set from a TZ and some useful information regarding the soundboard. Once they arrived, I fitted everything prior to painting to see if there were any issues. It all fitted so painted everything up.


Once Paint was dry, fitted all again but had a problem. The speaker mesh pattern is different when rotated 180 degrees and I fitted one side different to the other! hard to notice but I did! and changed accordingly.


I had sourced a second hand DMD and fitted with a secondhand Wax Cardboard backing. I did a test run in my Getaway and all good I had a working panel!


I tried to buy an original U channel which the speaker panel sits in but sold out so bought some Aluminium channel from Bunnings and painted up which come up great!










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@ddstoys I already have that board but thanks for thinking of ne��I’m after the board that the motor mounts onto. Hard to find as you usually find the motor with the board but the motor I have doesn’t so might have spring big $$$ for a whole new assembly and sell my motor for a spare to someone


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Have been able to source some of the remaining parts I need with only a few I know of left that I need. I’m sure when I start the build there will be a lot more I don’t have!


Sourced a fish tales apron and my fish tales machine apron was in better condition so stripped it and got it powder coated and fitted some decals I had.


Noticed the blue was not as per original but still looked good but worried when fitted in the end will be dark. Have read this has been an issue with others.


Managed to score an Attack from Mars cabinet in really good condition but It’s obviously a Wpc 95 so have had to do a few alterations to the head box and are currently implementing the Glenn70 Cabinet restoration process on the head box only.


its not until you start restoring a cabinet that you work out how much time it takes! I just want to get it done and are starting to get impatient but just need to chill and do it properly.........











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I have decided to start piecing the playfield together as I’m finding I’m missing little bits and pieces when sorting through all that I have acquired and I will spend as much on shipping as I have on parts if I keep doing what I am doing!


I have built a two rotisserie’s and fitted the two playfields I have. I fitted all the light boards, lamp holders, switches etc on one of the playfields which was a good thing as it showed what I was missing which was very minimal, It also showed me that the bottom of the playfield marks with dirt etc really easily. This playfield was the poorer of the two I have and the one I am going to have a go at restoring, clearing etc.


On the better playfield I decided to clear/seal and partly polish the underside as then I can wipe it clean. I masked up the inserts and sanded with 60 grit up to 240 grit and then laid two coats of Satin clear from a spray can rub back again with 1200 grit with 1 more coat and a light polish with novus 2.


As I had cleared/sealed the underside I went to good old Bunnings and got some oak timber and made up some rails and painted them Satin Black and restored a back panel I had sourced. The panel had the original decal which I flattened out with a heat gun and masked up with Blue Painters tape so I could sand, paint etc. Fitted the rails/back panel to the playfield. Will hopefully get some time to fit up the remainder I have in the coming weeks.


With this weekend being 20+ degrees great chance to finish priming my cabinet ready for decals.










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