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Custom Set of Naomi1/Atomiswave Piforce-Web Game Images: More added


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My take on the Piforce-Web game images for Naomi1/Atomiswave. 134 images plus templates


Linked file contains roms.csv, images and image templates to create more if needed.




- bin file names must be exact including extension syntax

- screen picture sizes are horizontal 320x240 and vertical 320x427

- file names mostly match the original bin file names. Some files however were renamed to remove spaces or gdrom prefixes

- original images from sega16, segaretro and other internet sources



Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IFsR7EykKL_ylMOHUlyJHMTnocBFo9nY/view?usp=sharing











ACtC-3dHZ4hE8GHl6J1sqGMfu_rB_dYocenrTTxjlnQXPQtJwzlf6Br WnBpBs0c1JU7cvwWqUoAC8KHEFM_WA7FFqVj2J6UEjqKIAe7Nb f8CJGoJWyjABXi3hh_UXZ4YknjNrZQCANj8BovYG51lKmpCYwP T=w800

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Added more images
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Completed the images for my setup and have linked the zip of the files in the first post. 127 image files plus templates, link in first post


Zip file contains folder with images, roms.csv file as well as base templates to create more if I've missed any.


Screen picture sizes are:

Horizontal 320x240

Vertical 320x427

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I like how these images look in their sequence, like a collage. The atmosphere of some old cafe from the 80s comes to mind. I'd like to open my cafe in the style of old games. For such images, you can order a quality print and frame, and they will hang on my walls in the form of posters. It's my old dream, and one day I'll fulfill it. Maybe someone here has ideas on how to properly decorate such a place and what should be there? I need to know what would encourage visitors to come here.

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