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Dracula....Gothic Edition

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This guy keeps surprising me every time he posts something on the forum.

The amount of effort and creativity is amazing.

I would like to know what your real day job is and if it has a influence on your hobbies?


Exactly. I want to know where Kurt gets the time. I think we are the same age and I have two young kids and a creative Mrs that just keep me so damn busy. I'm always asked to do this, build this, fix this, etc. He must not have kids, or they are teens, or an awesome Mrs or Nanny that assist greatly. He does some amazing work.

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gt ray mate I only have one arm thats why I am not a good player! Just kidding


I definitely need to get a phone holder. At the moment I have this crazy clipboard and bracket setup that I clamp to the ceiling joists and always bump or knock my head!


Thanks for all the kind words....


Ok I am a technical manager in a commercial laundry by day....but covid has slammed us and I am only on 3 days a week paid indefinitely.

So basically 4 day weekends for the last 3 months.

Prior to that, technical guy in a chemical company and prior to that apprentice electronics tech in the Army then went on to Sigs and later Raeme when the knees and back started aching too much.

3 Jobs pretty much since I was 15. 50 now.

Thanks in main to the Army I am generally up from 4am so get that extra 2 or 3 hours everyday for projects.


I am looking at a sideline business to supplement our income with my pinball stuff and other things. My last hobby ( and still do but only socially) was kitesurfing and I ran a small school teaching it on weekends etc.


I have one son, 14, drives me nuts, hates pinball, thinks money grows on trees..but I love him.

I have one wife, gorgeous and lets me hide out in my shed all the time. We always have enjoyed our space but happily married for 20+ years now.

I have always had a dog or two in my life, now it is one, Bille (Holiday), half english, half american staffy reverse brindle. She's my best friend.

I do not like long walks in the park.

I am an Aquarian. ( would like a really nice EM Aquarius if anyone can help)


Real name Kurt


Thats all folks!!

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  • 1 month later...
Perhaps they can compliment me with some of the setup costs involved!!!


Anyway, Its all done and playing nice as of today.

Bit more work to do on sound and dmd but essentially all done.


Enjoy the pics and the links on youtube.


Thats all you'll hear from me for a while, how about you lurkers post up some interesting stuff like gameroom pics or Glen70's cab restore post. We need more content on AA land!!


Love never dies!




Ok this looks godly!

Amazing work mate!

​​​​​​​The Pinsound remix on this table takes it to another level.

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