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Dracula....Gothic Edition

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Monster bash is 95% done and playing so finally getting to Dracula! Really excited about this one. Such an awesome game in so many ways.


Pretty much going the black and white path like I have with T2 and MB, but I made some specific design changes to the playfield for Scott to do including custom inserts. Never liked the yellow lightning ones. Same as cab and translite with Bram Stokers references removed.


I have a week off now so going go full steam on it hopefully all together very soon. Building it from 2 machines so check out the for sale section for parts as I go.


It's one of the titles I've sold and missed alot (along with Tz, Funhouse, Bop, Afm and MB) so the dyna bolts are out this time!


I was thinking about why I love it so much (besides the personal one off customising) and a guy Dave on pinside summed it up really well..his words below.......


Happy Friday everyone!





No other game like it. Simple, straightforward, unique, and difficult to achieve. Just like the timeless carnival games that keep people hooked and coming back for just one more attempt.


What you need to do is right in front of you. Not buried deep in the ladder code. But good luck. Achieving the triple stack MB is like a physical puzzle. As you navigate the shots to get all 3 MB's close to launching together, your strategy on what to shoot constantly evolves based on where the ball is on the PF (since it's a brutal game and you don't want to take too many chances) but also where you are in that physical puzzle will determine what to progress next. A lot of time it's out of your control and you're just along for the ride. The MB's do accidentally start early and some will be wasted when not paired with others. It's all part of the f*ckery of fighting the vampire of all vampires. Once you get all 3 together, it's a pure pinball rush and the call outs are epic. That's awesome to me.


Each MB's signature jackpot is fun to hit in the midst of the craziness, and has two hurry ups and a video mode. The Mist ball feature is near the top of coolest toys/shots/gimmicks. The big long left ramp up and around the entire PF is very satisfying to shoot but takes focus to repeat, and having the 3 tempting but very dangerous shortcut targets adds to it.


The theme is very well done, and combined with the brutal gameplay, it 100% portrays the dark mood. Monster/horror genre may be the best in all of pinball, and Dracula is arguably the most famous. For me, I also like the early 90's feature film nostalgia and the love story in the theme is very dark but romantic.


With or without lightning flippers it's a true skills blade sharpener and scares the best of players when selected in a tournament. Again, right on theme.


And lastly, the support is all there. Active owner's club, plenty of WPC parts, signature parts can be found, colordmd, pinsound, side blades, rad cals, alt translites, etc. etc. etc.


Pure pinball.






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A wise man told me this machine was a bit of a beast...and he was dead right! Alot gong on under the bonnet in this game...

Time to have a few games and a beer...wiring about half done.

Cab rea dy to roll bar the custom light board.








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I got it made up to my design changes and specs as a one off by Scott Triffet.


It cost a lot of money to get the new donor for scanning, buy a good second hand one to do, buy all new inserts, and then get the final one done. In excess of 2k. Unfortunately I have heard third hand by multiple sources it has been copied to be replicated and flogged off which I am a bit upset about but thats pinball people I guess.

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Playfield and cab are as one now.


Have to finish off top of playfield populating and make the light board for the backbox.


Loaded up the pinsound just to have a listen..

really miss this one!



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Sweet looking machine and a massive improvement I think. The insert colours flow unlike the original. It seriously looked like Williams threw in what they had a lot of in the parts bin. I love the greyscope pins like Centaur. A smattering of chrome, black, grey and more grey suits a pin so nicely I think but the trick is getting the insert colours right and I think you nailed that on this machine.

Nice machine mate, very well done.

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Perhaps they can compliment me with some of the setup costs involved!!!


Anyway, Its all done and playing nice as of today.

Bit more work to do on sound and dmd but essentially all done.


Enjoy the pics and the links on youtube.


Thats all you'll hear from me for a while, how about you lurkers post up some interesting stuff like gameroom pics or Glen70's cab restore post. We need more content on AA land!!


Love never dies!










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Be interesting to see how much that machine earned on site sitting right beside a current Stern. I think many would be quite surprised at the outcome. The original BSD was not a strong earner but what you have created I believe would be a different story especially today.
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