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MGLXLIII - Game 7 ~ Triple Punch (closes 17-May)

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At least you kept trying. I have whole days like that, so I know exactly what you mean. Insert coin and try again, eventually you will get there ... :)


Yeah, no game time yesterday or today, otherwise Im sure it would have been a whole day of coin drops :badgrin Like SMK the fireballs spawning right on top of you became a frustration.:105:

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Day 17 of 17.


Final Results ...




Amidar or Triple Punch, which is the better? I guess it’s not relevant, as this game was full of punching and strategy mayhem. How about them fireballs? Savage for most that’s for sure ... :045: If you did your best, that’s all you can do, and if you did not try your best, well you know there’s room for improvement. 12 gamers scored over 130K to hit some great scores. From 226K down to 130K, Blackflag82, Ivanstorm1973, Greendub, RMacauley, Barra, QAOP Spaceman, CrazyKongFan, magrinder, Pessimeister, Tracey and Nicko71 all played great for 2nd place to 12th place respectively.


Congratulations to Matt Sales for winning Game 7. He top scored with 267,130 points, and punched his way for the win, hopefully not losing his hair, and hopefully not growing a mustache. Nicely played.




Games 8, 9 and 10 are all currently in play. Otherwise known as the tri-block busters of video gaming, you may do your block playing these very interesting games. Here we go! ... :026:

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