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Query on unread posts


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I've noticed a strange behaviour, it's not a big deal but thought I'd mention it


I often go to the main Forum page to show what Pinball sections have new (unread) posts but occasionally it seems to get confused.


The below bolded icon and sub-forum title shows there are unread posts (although I have already viewed/read all the threads and posts)



If I drill into the sub-forum, it shows no unread threads, but interestingly the last post listed for the LOTR thread is much earlier post than what is shown above




And if I click on the double arrow of the last post of that thread, it takes me to that post but shows there's other post after that





So the bolding at the top forum level seems to sometimes bold sub-forum folders when there are no unread posts; and the sub-forum list of threads sometimes doesn't have the correct last post listed.


Sorry - bit of a slow day at work today

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I've noticed the same thing a number of times but can't seem to track down whats causing it. I assume a cookie issue in some way but exactly what I don't know.



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I've noticed that behavior as well, I'm not sure what causes it. Try marking all channels read and see if it returns.


I have tried marking the channels but this behaviour seems to come back.


Also I've noticed "Machines on Site" seems to be permanently bolded, even marking the channel as read doesn't clear it

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That doesn't do that for me :unsure


Just to clarify, I was going into the Machines on Site channel and marking that as read but the channel remained in bold at the top forum level (even after a refresh).


I just marked all channels at the top forum level as read :o and that has cleared it ... weird!


Anyway look forward to the new update (fingers crossed) :)

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