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Sega Megalo

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Picture heavy post but they are not inline.


Megalo 410 conversion to LCD from @borgattard . Delivered it for me, forever grateful.




The cabinet with a working lindbergh, so I gutted it because I will put a computer in there.



Control panels made. The intention is to have a 1p setup and a 2p setup when friends come over




The thing I'm calling the "top control panel" will have system buttons and a second display for marquee during selection and movelist once in game.




Considering it had no projector I was keen to take some off the back so looking at about 30cm gain with this modification. Liquid nails making a cameo.




Computer is partially setup, I'll take photos of that. Dell SFF with a full size 1050ti. Great PC considering it cost $300 all up.


I made some reproduction vinyls. I need to colour match part of the top control panel. Anyone is welcome to my art work, just contact me.




The power in the cabinet was a nightmare. It had a nice ground wire that looped all through the cabinet thank fully. Only problem was it was not actually connected to ground. So the metal cabinet with a whole bunch of different power, step downs, emi filters, psus, etc, that were not isolated properly in my thinking, was not grounded. There was an over load relay though, so while it might kill someone at least the machine should be okay. Here is my new power solution. Active through a switch, 10a fuse, ground attached to the post and neutral through the switch.




















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Some more art


Here is a top banner for the LCD screen




Bottom banner for the LCD screen with a move list for SFV





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Last of the artwork done. Sent off to my mate.






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My 8 button solution. Unfortunately a lot of the modern fighters have an 8 button setup and I couldn't make this work in software well enough. I hate 4 in a row but like these Arcade sticks. I'm happy with the odd looking result.



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Progress. The light has been re-installed. Molex disconnects and ground attached. Top metal is now grounded off properly.


Original speakers are wired, disconnects, going into a Lepy (no buzz), into 3.5mm for the PC. The volume I want sits at 70% so still some room.




Here is one of the panels wired up. I'll have to pull it a part once the art comes.




Not far off installing the computer and setting it up so it's in a playable state.


Anyone used an optical switch for a coin mech?

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Running at the moment.


Using IPac in xinput mode. Still need the second controller buttons in for start and select.


Sfv and mkxl working well which is amazing.


The screen is an odd resolution native but found a resolution with square pixels and no shimmer.





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This is another awesome project @redferatu did you do all the sheet metal work yourself?


Cheers. Appreciate it. I did do all the metal work, but its 3mm aluminium I had from a renovation, so its stronger than the original and only slightly thicker, but a lot stronger. I also still plan to mount a second monitor in the large top control panel.

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Vinyl applied. I need to do another instruction card as there is some artifacting.


Otherwise, pretty happy with it overall.


Second monitor needs to be installed still. So more to come, but good so far.



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Hey nice work with the restoration! Unfortunately some of the pictures are not loading, I wanted to check some of those, especially the one about power since I might be having the same issue.

Also, any chance you could share the decal hi-res images? I have to reproduce the panel, side art and the instructions sticker. Thanks!

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