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Environmental discs of tron - restoration

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Well it's nearly a new year and that means I have another restoration project and it's a big one. A very big one.


I picked up a discs of tron environmental last week.


This cab is non working, white ant damage, poor side art... The lot


This is the first post with just a few photos but I will be trying as much as I can to image this thing all the way through until it looks like new again.


The plans are to start with the structural issues and the white ant damage. They only ate the hard wood and not the chipboard, so the majority of the cabinet is still all good. It's really just the battons that support the front door and backglass and marquee. But it's a mess in there.


As for the electronics, it all looks there except for the lamp sequencer board for the Chase lights. I'm hoping to source an original board from somewhere... But if not I have found a replacement board I should be able to wire in with an Arduino as a controller...

Sacrilege I know.... But beggers can't be choosers









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Definitely Subscribed to this one, as I picked up one of these earlier this year. Its sitting there for 2020 for me to start the restore. Luckily mine was not attacked by White Ants !


I'm just glad the white ants only ate the battons holding up the front and rear doors / marquee. So it's not too bad.


What I'm more worried about is getting a repro glass. I can only see them from TOG and I hate to think what shipping from the states will be.

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I will be designing new mirror stainless panels to go on the inside side walls of the cabinet either side of the screen. That could be a while though. But I will let you know, so you can see if you want a set.


Yeah mate sounds interesting. I have pulled one of mine off and they were a mirrored acrylic. I was going to see if I could source something like it locally (Perth) but it just has to be so thin that I'm not sure if anyone could get anything.


if that fails My next step is to get some .5mm petg arcylic and put chrome vinyl on it. But not sure how that will look.

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So continuing the stripping process


Can't tell this machine was in a bar for 20years. This carpet is like new


At least that little strip under the metal plate still holds onto its colour. Not sure how well I can colour match purple


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Also stripping and found that the plastics, bezel, cardboards and internal glass is in better condition than I thought. All needs a good clean but I don't need to buy repros for it so that's saves some $$


Need new CPO (from tog) Need replacement joystick - large crack through the middle

But I've found a repro for $115 usd. I can get a new old stock but at $215 usd that's alot I think


Plastics all cleaned and wrapped


Nearly stripped ready to attack the white ant damage.


Hmmmm so fun







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So haven't had much time do do work on the machine in the last few days but I did fix the white ant damage at the top of the cabinet.

There was also some weakness in the chipboard up the top so I have re glued a few parts of the too and clamped it up.


I did removed all of the plastics inside the monitor, unfortunately the translight is cooked but the monitor plastics are in good condition which is great.




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I've so had a look through some of the electrical stuff in the cabinet and have found a pretty crappy Chop job has been done on the lights.


The floor flashers and the rear cabinet lights have been re wired directly into an aftermarket switch . So they won't flash as they aren't running through the transformers. I can't quite figure out why they have done it.

At first I thought it was so they could use 240v fluros fittings, but then I looked and the flashing light behind the translight and that is still wired up as standard and is using a 240v ballast...

So assuming that works, my thoughts are that there was issues with a relay / flasher board and they just re wired it to get the lights working.


It needs to be changed though. They are running 240v through small gauge wire ... So it will be a massive fire risk.

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Alright I have figured out (with the help of another EDOT owner) that all 4 of the flashing fluros need to be run with individual transformers.


Even better I have found a compatible 240v transformer so I can replace all the ones I have in the machine and not have to worry about converting this back to 120v and running it through a step down transformer.




And at $8.95 each it's actually something thats cheap to replace on this machine for a change.

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Haven't had much time to work on the machine lately but I got into some work yesterday and today.


The front white ant damaged panels are removed and the lower one is cut and nearly ready to install. Just need another sand and coat of paint.


Some of he crappy bits have been filled in and white ant damaged removed



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All of the supports holding the cabinet together in the rear marquee area were white ant eaten


So I removed them. Cleaned up the area and put in larger supports to hold everything together. I then gave it a quick spray with white paint. It was previously black but I'm going to do all of these rear areas white to reflect more of the light from the fluros and make the artwork pop a bit more.


The new guide rails are ready to placed back in too


I will clean up the fluro housing and polish it so it shines well once I start sorting out the electrical side if things




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So the structural work is done.


The next step is to use hardener on all the edges to solidify the edges of the old chipboard. Then fill screw holes and prime everything ready for laying on vinyl.


It's definitely going to be a 12 month project this one





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  • 2 months later...

So I finally got to do some work on EDOT.


With the whole world shut down, I figured my sideart will be a while. So instead I'm just cleaning it up a bit. I cut all the old lifting art off , taped and then painted it black. Just so it looks tidy until I get new sideart.


Rear door is taped and painted white on the inside to help light up the translite a bit more.


Started to put on vinyl but I'll wait until it's standing up to do the rest. Too hard to do it lying down.


And I'm still working on the base. It's getting close to being painted. A few more sanding and bogging sessions and it should start to look a bit better.


Sooo much work still to go . But at least in these days of physical distancing I should be able to find the time 😀 IMG_20200407_5185.thumb.jpg.a3651d89eb253ce826bd5b677651e6df.jpg




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  • 4 weeks later...

Another update on the old girl...

It's finally ready to stand in its own two feet again. Well on its wheels anyway😜


Being a total bitch to move around myself I bit the bullet and put castors on the bottom. I had to. I lifted it up a few months ago and fucked my wrist so I can't be doing that again.


All the bottom body work is done. All the swelled chipboard has been sanded flat and bogged up. I secured everything back together with glue and screws and replaced a few small bits of timber. I'm happy with the structural integrity of it now. So anyone who says you can't fix swelled chipboard... Proof of the awesomeness of earls wood hardener



With the artwork lifting and the edges needing some work I removed the crappy bits of sideart, taped it up and painted it black. It's not original I know, but it will be a while until i get new sideart for it so it will have to do until then. I think it looks kinda cool in black anyway.


rear door is covered in vynil and looks good


Now I have to wait until I can get a hand lifting it up.

But at least it's coming along


I have ordered the rebuild kits and big caps for the power supply and monitor. Plus a CPO, flor mat, new speakers, translite, marquee, coin door sign and have a nos joystick to fit too.


So it's moving... Slowly





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Loving your work so far I’ve never even seen one of these very cool artworks not really sure about the cabinet entry a fat bastard like me wouldn’t even fit by the looks 😂😂😂



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Loving your work so far I’ve never even seen one of these very cool artworks not really sure about the cabinet entry a fat bastard like me wouldn’t even fit by the looks 😂😂😂



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​​​​​​Haha. Now that would be funny


It suprisingly roomy actually when you get in there. I'm 6'4 and fit in fine.

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Work looks good mate but think ypur making a mistake with all them wheels underneath, got to mine today as couldnt remember if there were wheels up the front which there is

used to move mine just with a sack truck at the back and pivot enough to take the weight and move on my own

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Work looks good mate but think ypur making a mistake with all them wheels underneath, got to mine today as couldnt remember if there were wheels up the front which there is

used to move mine just with a sack truck at the back and pivot enough to take the weight and move on my own


Yeah if I had the original leg levellers all intact I would have left them there and not used the castors, but they were missing so I figured good casters was the way to go.


I'm just curious as to why you think the castors won't work? I've put castors under a bunch of really heavy games and they seem to work well ( on a level floor that is)

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