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So I started playing Diablo 2 again


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Diablo 2 is in my opinion, one of the best games ever made. I haven’t played it in about 8 years but it gives me the same feelings now as it did back when I started playing it when I was 18 years old, I’m now 37.


I was surprised that the game was still being played online, that Blizzard still had servers going after all these years, but it shouldn’t be surprising really, because the charm is still there, you can see why it was and is so successful.


Of course, I jumped straight back into hardcore mode and just defeated Duriel in Nightmare (with some help). Level 44 Trap assassin and going strong, stashing loot and transferring to mules for when I inevitably die. What a sad day that shall be.


is there anyone else still playing this game? Are you psyched for D4? Are you hoping like I am, for D2 remastered (unlikely)?

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It's a games that on my bucket list for sure.

Seems to be another one everybody else has played except me.


It’s definitely the pinnacle of action hack n’ slash RPG. The mechanics are pretty straight forward too and the story is top notch! There’s plenty of videos on YouTube to give you an idea of what to expect.

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I got the first diablo in 1997 and thought it was fantastic. My brother got diablo 2 and I felt that something was missing although everyone else loved it.

I liked the voice narrator (col Campbell from metal gear) he has the best voice and added to the mood of the games. This guy was also in the transformers cartoons.

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Diablo II has been reinvigorated, but the game has been almost unchanged. Resurrected fully conveys the atmosphere of the franchise and brings back pleasant memories from the era of computer clubs of our childhood. Let's face it, Blizzard once again skillfully manipulates its fans' feelings of nostalgia. Still, it does it so beautifully that you don't even want to complain. But already in the early stages, players began to encounter some problems. Personally, when I started playing again, I ran into bugs in the procedural generation of levels. And that's not all. After increasing the rasa strength to 45, I purchased magefist gloves. But playing with them, I could not; they flew off his hands. What do you think this is about?

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