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Kraken Pinball

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game looks awesome, loving those ramps


as for art I contacted Brian Allen - Flyland Designs (cool work) a while back and got a quote and fell off my chair - $10k US to do a full package (playfield, trans and cabinet) and you could ask for 2 rounds of minor changes or $5k US and he had all artistic decisions and no revisions and he kept all rights and not even allowed to do t-shirts etc for either option




another idea is reach out to an art uni student

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Looks like good stuff, but you're right - that could add up quickly if those costs are per drawn figure.


I've been spending the last three weeks trying to sketch ideas for the playfield and I can fully appreciate why these artists charge seemingly crazy prices. I haven't put any updates here because I'm too embarrassed by the sketches I've come up with so far. So this might take some time because I really want to get this pin to look as professional as possible.


Still holding on to my pipe dream of hiring Zombie Yeti to sketch out a basic idea for me to refine and colour in.

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