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SOLD - Indy (WMS) for Dialed In or Hobbit


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Hi all,


I've run out of room and must trade a pin if I want something else. I'm looking for a Hobbit or Dialed In and have a Williams Indiana Jones to trade. If anyone is interested please let me know. Cabinet decals are vibrant and playfield isn't too bad.


I would rate it as better than a player's but I wouldn't call it Restored. I can provide as many close up pics as you like or if you're in the area you can come and play it/check it out.


I played around with some leds in some of the inserts but it's basically globes in all of the GIs, Flasher etc. The glass isn't that clean - I took it out so you could see the playfield better ;)


It also has:

"Lost Plastic" at the back of the playfield

Jackpot lights in the backbox

ColorDMD LCD display

Cliffys on Mode start and drop targets

Plastic protectors

NVRAM - No changing of AA batteries :)

Gold Legs

And I actually have some more cabinet decals although they aren't needed - but they're not original ones - just some I bought off ebay


PM me if interested or if you have any other advice regarding this machine


Thanks in advance,



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I've had a few people with DIs - am still considering a Hobbit as well so if you have a Hobbit and interested in a trade let me know as well.

And thanks for all the feedback I've received - seems like I've been undervaluing my IJ for the condition it's in - most appreciated.


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