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Corvette pinball lt5 motor error

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Hi guys I was silly enough to purchase a corvette pinball with a non working engine, thought it would be an easy enough fix turns out it’s not. I did have it working for a short time but a problem exists within the system. So far I have changed the Hall effect sensor, ribbon cables, ken has checked and replaced most everything on the master and slave boards plus I installed a new motor opto board still no luck. Would like to hear from anyone who has had experience with these or known working boards available many thanks dez
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I recently fixed a couple of issues with the engine.


Which version of Corvette did you buy?


There were two models released, the second has a small adjustment pot beneath the engine that can be tweaked in test mode to get engine tuned. I'm not sure if there are other changes, but the later models have the adjustment pot and extra test feature T.18.


If your game has the debug option T.18 - ZR1 Adjust, then you can give this a try - see page one of this document:




Basically with the coin door closed and the game in the T.18 test, you adjust the pot. You will see the engine move left or right (depending on the direction you adjust). You want to adjust the engine back to the center. Then try the normal engine test.


The second issue I fixed was replacing a faulty chip on one of the boards that was causing 2 of the engine coils to lock on constantly. Sounds like Ken would have sorted that out already though.

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Thanks for reply mine is early release no potentiometer adjustments although I have t18 and can adjust by bending the poles had it working for a short time but something has failed. I’ll check out the link thanks
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