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That machine looks magnificent in motion! :cool:


Not detracting too much really, but surprising how few noted that the Steam loco is actually doing Zero work. It would have sounded Much more impressive if it was actually powering Hard!. It is live and has a head of steam, but it is not contributing, hence just hissing and phoofing. There is a Severe lack of Exhaust Steam and making Entirely not enough noise (thing is barely idle, just enabling it to be pushed).


It would need to have Way more visual and audible output if it was actually Doing the pulling. This one is a half the size, and moving slower, and doing all the pulling...


4:55 (sorry time stamping not working?)


Or this gives an insight into heavy old things moving fast. How about the Wail as it passes under the bridge at a rate of knots... spine-chilling... impressive!




No diesel electric pushing it along, and corresponding visual and audio emissions. 180 tons or so and a top speed of 100 Miles per hour. THAT Loco IS doing All the work! :cool:


I love me some live steam! :)

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Damm, another one I need to download to show my mates down the farm. Thanks mate, this guy is cool and we all had a good laugh.


It plays well at .75 speed and easier to keep up ... it got unpublished in the CV thread on pinside :unsure


No sense of humor those guys :lol

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