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YouTube Videos of Interest

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I'm always stumbling across good video's on YouTube so lets post them here.

First one is one of my favorite channels which is Grand Illusions With Tim


ElectroBOOM's channel has exploded in subscribers this year.

Educational and shocking at the same time.

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A timelapse video, trillions of years into the future.


I watched this a little while ago and it really shook me, to the point i keep thinking about it often.


This video is an edit of a compilation of a number of good videos put together to create a timelapse to the 'end of time' that covers trillions of years into the future - based on our current scientific knowledge. (big caveat there.)


It shows just how young our planet and galaxy is - we are very much still in the cradle, with life exploding.


I found this fascinating, horrifying, and enthralling all at once.


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I've always found the idea of speedrunning interesting... but bugger if I'm going to put that much dedication in :) but I found this an interesting intro video on it. Can appreciate a niche community doing its thing and there's plenty of skill and competition involved.

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