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AA stubbie holders and coasters

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Hi guys. Aussie arcade is a great resource but relies on donations to keep the cogs turning.

I got some Aussie made stubbie coolers made up which are good quality. Also got some cheap coasters made up with AA logo and image on them. I am going to try and raise some money for Aussie Arcade. I'm not profiting from this at all with all profit going to Aussie Arcade.

Each AA pack includes 2 coasters and 2 stubbie coolers. Cost is $15 plus postage. Happy to drop off to Adelaide members but interstate members I will need to post. Anyone interstate who can help with distribution via bulk postage to help save $$ please let me know. PM for payment details. Will need to sort out some kind of postage with interstaters 1st.[ATTACH]155239[/ATTACH]


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