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Which should I buy AC DC prem or dialled in


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I’ve never really been able to get into Dialed In but love AC/DC every time I play. I think for me unless im told what to do with a JJP game I don’t know what I’m doing. Their games just don’t do a good enough job at explaining the upfront stuff so you can go further. I mean I love WOZ, enjoyed the Hobbit when I had it and enjoy POTC but they’re hard to get into
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Wow, just goes to show how pinball is such a personal thing and no 2 collections will be the same. I find that there are even slight variations in gameplay between the same machines depending on set-up which will effect how much you enjoy a theme. A machine can be made almost impossible to enjoy with a tough set-up and steep playfield which will destroy your opinion of said machine. I would love an AC/DC but it has always kicked my backside in comps. But just love the theme.


You need to play both, and multiple machines, multiple times then the answer will reveal itself IMO

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True to the last comment,I haven't posted much on aa so I just wanted some people's thoughts which have been great. I've got enough great pins now so another pin isn't as exciting anymore plus finding a good price game is long gone. Guess I gotta go see ryza and play some AC DC prem and dialled in to make a decision. Thanks for your comments to all aa members.
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Had an AC/DC Premium as my one and only NIB. Really enjoyed it but I then realised it was a lot of money tied up in one game. I'd still buy one again today though.


Dialled In, Only played one at Newton in Auckland and enjoyed the flow and the quality but TBH didn't get enough time on it.


My vote is Acca dacca in premium as good bang for your buck.

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Just asking for people s thoughts if AC DC prem or go for a dialled in pin?


Hi Mark & Sophie.

I met you guys at Mark & Alison's meet, earlier this year.

That lovely pinball story of yours was gold.


My thoughts on these two titles - pass on both.

AC/DC - just don't like how the ball stops in that cannon shot (slows the gameplay down). Other than that, it's a bore of a pinnie.

Dialed In - It's no different in playing the designers other titles (Pat Lawlor's games). To me, it looks like a design that's been in the filing cabinet for the past 20 years. It's a not bad offering from JJP, though i would invest elsewhere. Plus, a pinnie is needed to be shaked/slided. JJP make their pins to heavy!


Come and visit some of the Melbourne meets this month, plus Flipout.


My suggestion - Beatles Gold = it'll compliment well for you both, especially with that SS Bally pinnie of yours.




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