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Taito Defender project - $650

Sam J

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Hey all,


I have a Taito Defender project for sale.

I had big plans for this great game, but my business has taken all my time over the last few years, and I ended up getting a USA Defender in the meantime as well. With no time, a few machines still to be restored, and 2 defenders in the shed - sadly this one must go.


When I received it a few years back it was painted black and had been weird gambling thing.


At the time I removed all black paint back to original Taito Red and Black, and sourced many spare (and hard to find) parts including:


- Taito defender marquee (very hard to get)

- Taito 2 way joystick

- Taito mini buttons (full set/ hard to get)

- Taito Red and Black screen bezel

- Wooden control panel made by @Kaizen to original measurements.

- Aluminium block to lock control panel in place


It also comes with a freshly wired control panel, ready to swap out to the defender one.

It also has a 19 in 1 set to only play defender (used for controls testing).

The coin door was repainted and I also found original 20c signs and a repro Taitio emblem.

It also has a new lower panel made, where the gambling advertising had previously been.


All that's required to have it fully functioning and looking complete is....


- Paint or decal for lower panel (and insert cash box if wanted)

- CRT and chassis w/ harness (some wiring remains, but Id start fresh)

- Assemble all control panel parts and wire

- Have steel control panel made (wraps around wooden controlpanel supplied) with decal (ask @Kaizen and @MamePatrol for dimensions/ art - I paid for a great scan at the time)



It's certainly still a project, but I feel like Ive done most the heavy lifting if someone has a 20inch crt and wiring skills ready.

Please don't LCD it.


Pickup Melbourne or freight if buyer organises.


Photos up later tonight.

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How I picked it up... covered in black




Lower panel cut out for marquee mentioned from previous owner abuse




- - - Updated - - -


Original Taito Defender/Matching numbers etc






Great marquee for age. Very bright, no major scratches




Machine after strip down. Will find current pic with a lot more done





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Current state - With replacement lower section, new control panel cut to original spacing, with original hardware etc

Also a control panel wired up for defender, ready to switch over.






- - - Updated - - -




Coin door had already had a full spruce up - matching original 20c found etc




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