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Stern Elvira 3 Confirmed


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  • 4 weeks later...

New code day...and what an awesome update.


V1.00.0 - Oct. 15, 2020


- Fixed an issue with QUESTION MARK on the HAND OF FATE wheel where it

would not score the correct points.

- Replaced temporary art for WILD MARKET VALUE.

- Fixed a bug in SUPER HAND OF FATE where draining down the left outlane

when the outlane was not lit would trigger the MANOS JACKPOT effect and

show a total of 00.

- Added the DJ MIXER so users can play music in the attract mode.

- Added an adjustment for ball save at the start of DIRECTOR'S CUT.

- Exclude certain lamps from the start of DIRECTOR'S CUT (i.e. shoot

again, etc.).

- Finishing THEY CAME FROM SPACE now scores 100M.

- Added sounds to DIRECTOR'S CUT level award; these were missing.

- Added TOPPER scream effects for MULTIBALL starts and GARAGE MULTIBALL

super jackpots.

- Added settings for in-game SCREAM percentage and time to lock out before

allowing more.

- Changed the text color for the HOUSE ADVANCE/LIT from red to purple to

match lighting on house.

- Added a jackpot to SANTA CLAUS CONQUERS THE MARTIANS so it scores

like the other haunts. Cleaned up the background display effect

messages to provide some more information. Blink the HOUSE ENTRANCE

lamp BRIGHT when the HOUSE is lit to finish the HAUNT.

- Added a ball save (5 seconds) to the start of GAPPA ANGRY.

- Cleaned up various things in THE SATANIC RITES OF DRACULA. Added

shot values to the background display effect. Increase shot values

after shots are made. Added jackpot for final shot. Made the HOUSE

ENTRANCE shot brighter when lit to finish the mode.

- Added adjustments for FLIPPER POWER.

- Cleaned up various things in THE GIANT GILA MONSTER. Reworked the

background display effect text. Added a jackpot for the final shot.

Reworked the pop bumper scoring; this now also adds to the jackpot

value for each pop bumper hit. Added pop bumper lights to the second

part so the player knows to shoot the pop bumpers. Changed the text

color to YELLOW to match the lamps in the HAUNT. Changed bright/dark

lamps so the player knows when shooting the HOUSE ENTRANCE ramp will

advance the mode. Reworked the scoring so it is more in-line with

the other haunts.

- THE GIANT GILA MONSTER was not restarting the timer on a pop bumper hit.

This has been corrected.

- Implemented the DAGGER; this adds a bonus to each non-multiball HAUNT.

- Added completion (display, rule cleanup) to THEY CAME FROM SPACE; this

was missing.



- Fixed an issue with THE MANSTER where it was not adding the final shot

value to the total for HIGH SCORE TO DATE.

- Fixed an issue with THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON where it was not adding

the stage 3 last shot value to the jackpot value.

- Cleaned up background text for the last stage of MANOS: THE HANDS OF

FATE; there is only the final shot for the jackpot, so only show that.

- Added display, sounds, and lamp effect for SUPER HAND OF FATE total.

- Added new video clip to start of SUPER HAND OF FATE.

- Fixed up DIRECTOR'S CUT start lamp effect for new intro.


- Start in the CELLAR after performing the following tasks:


b) Banish CLOWN deadhead (SUPER HEAD SHOT).

c) Start PHONE-A-FIEND multiball.



f) Start ATTIC ATTACK multiball.


- Shoot WILD MARKET VALUE target for hurry-up value and sell the


- The MARKET VALUE of the HOUSE is built up over the course of the

game by hitting the WILD MARKET VALUE standup target. The value of

the target is 100K * the number of tasks completed; this value is

added to the MARKET VALUE of the HOUSE each time the target is hit.

- Added and fixed music for WILD MARKET VALUE.

- Increased WILD MARKET VALUE timer from 20 seconds to 30 seconds so the

hurry-up counts down slower.

- Added display, sounds, and lamp effect for WILD MARKET VALUE target.

- Fix up audio/rebalance volumes for SCREAM TEST and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

- Reworked HOUSE PARTY scoring. Instead of 750K + 75K per shot, it is now

100K + 25K per shot made during all haunts leading up to HOUSE PARTY.

- Added new video clips for PHONE-A-FIEND START.

- Starting PHONE-A-FIEND now awards a bonus for all TRUNK ITEMS that have

been collected.

The current formula is:


(100K * number of SKELETON KEYS collected)


(100K * number of LAB TESTS (FLASKS) collected)


(100K * number of DAGGERS collected)



(1 + number of RAY GUNS collected)

Once the bonus has been collected at the start of PHONE-A-FIEND, the

number of RAY GUNS is set to ZERO.

- Fixed an issue that was causing the first frame of the "YOU'RE UP"

animation in the score display to be rendered incorrectly (the font

shadow was off by some number of pixels).

- Implemented a setting that keeps shots unlit during the open-ended

portions of certain modes (most notably, MANOS). This is set to 2 for

competition mode.

- Excluded some lamps for UN HAPPY HOUR shot large lamp effect (jackpots,

RGB arrows).

- Record high scores for MANSTER after a switch score (it was missing).

- Added a setting to pause timers w/ no switch activity after a time.

This is enabled for competition mode.

- Added a setting for making UN HAPPY HOUR difficult (the last ramp shot

made is OFF for a time period). Default is HARD for competition mode.

- Added more variety to the short versions of HAUNT completed (i.e.,

instead of "GREAT WORK!" all of the time, also play "NICE WORK!", "WELL


- Added logic for player score spider. If there are at least two players

in the game and a player is behind by more than 250M and the player who

is up has scored more than 250M on the current ball and has been playing

for 10 minutes or more, a spider will crawl down the screen and spin a

web over the lowest scoring player's score.

- Start GAPPA ANGRY on BACK DOOR skill shot or BACK DOOR sneak-in.

- Added additional logic to keep the CELLAR RAMP from moving too soon.

When the CELLAR entrance opto is made, requests to move ramp are delayed

long enough so the ball can get into the CELLAR VUK. This stops the

motor from running up and down when it doesn't need to when the CELLAR

shot is made during DIRECTOR'S CUT and other modes.

- Allow DIRECTOR'S CUT start display effect to be canceled by the flippers.

- Increased the base value of UN HAPPY HOUR from 250k to 400k.

- Increased the base value of DRIVE ME CRAZY from 100k to 250k for each

deadhead banished.

- Reworked DIRECTOR'S CUT READY to incorporate the TRAILER TRASH rule:

- When completing the 4th HAUNT, do not light TRAILER TRASH.


CYAN (the color for DIRECTOR'S CUT).

- RAMPS behave exactly like TRAILER TRASH for awarding 4th HAUNT

points, except there is no hurry-up involved.

- Release balls locked in TRUNK LOCK after tilt during THEY CAME FROM


- Added a light show for completing the pop bumpers during POOL PARTY.

- Implemented the setting TRUNK DIVERTER WITH LOCKS behavior:

- OPEN = release locked balls at the start of multiball.

- CLOSED = keep locked balls, trunk diverter will stay closed as

long as there are balls locked in the trunk.

The only rule affected by this is MAKE-OUT MAYHEM.

- Fixed up video clips for MAKE-OUT MAYHEM. Some of these ran during the

background display effect when they should not (NOTLD, TFOS, TWOW, and


- The TRUNK LID was not staying closed ALWAYS when there was a ball locked

in the TRUNK. This has been corrected.

- Lighten up shaker motor effect for GAPPA ANGRY sneak-in.

- Use a better sound for the DROP TARGET when hit.

- Fixed a bug in MAKE-OUT MAYHEM where the super jackpots would never light


- Some sound effects for THEY CAME FROM SPACE would not interrupt sounds

always in progress. This has been corrected.

- When down to one ball during THEY CAME FROM SPACE, sneaking a ball into

the TRUNK LOCK will lock the ball and serve a new ball. After all balls

are lost during THEY CAME FROM SPACE, any balls locked in the TRUNK LOCK

will be released and the mode will continue instead of ending as before.

- "Egads, have you had enough" speech from Sir Normus Cranium did not have

reverb. This has been corrected.

- Shortened the effect for GAPPA ANGRY LEVEL 4 (TRUNK) LOCK when the ball

does not end up in the TRUNK so the illumination is not off when the ball

may be live on the playfield.

- Added video clips, sounds, and lights for DRIVE ME CRAZY total.

- Added video clips, sounds, and lights for UN HAPPY HOUR total.

- Added new speech for UN HAPPY HOUR start.

- Added video clips, sounds, and lights for GAR-GOILS GONE WILD total.

- Added video clips, sounds, and lights for HOUSE PARTY total.

- Added adjustment "MOVIE TRAILER LENGTH" (Normal, Short, Off).

- The SUPER JACKPOT value for GAPPA ANGRY MULTIBALL was not being added to

for each shot during the mode. This has been corrected.

- Added sounds and lights for DIRECTOR'S CUT total.

- Added left and right ramp exit for consideration to reset the DROP TARGET.

- Limit the times the DROP TARGET can be raised to prevent balls from

getting stuck behind the target.

- Added video clips, sounds, and speech for GAPPA ANGRY MULTIBALL total.

- Added a MOVIE TRAILER that plays at the end of the game based on what

the player did in the game.

- Added more video clips to GAPPA ANGRY MULTIBALL.

- Added SUPER JACKPOT to GAPPA ANGRY MULTIBALL. Added display effect,

sounds, and speech.


LIFE. Added display effect, sounds, and speech.

- Added additional speech for the start of SCREAM TEST.

- Added jackpot and feature lamps to the start effects for DANCE FEVER,


- Lower priority of freak fryer super jackpot display effects after some

amount of time (after big sounds and score has been displayed) so other

effects (jackpot) can come through.

- Added video clips for the start of RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

- Added video clips for the start of SCREAM TEST.

- Added video clips, sounds, lights for SCREAM TEST total.

- Added video clips and speech to the start of MAKE-OUT MAYHEM.

- Added video clips, sounds, lights for MAKE-OUT MAYHEM total.

- Added sounds and lights for DANCE FEVER total.

- Rework POOL PARTY total, video clips, sounds, lights.

- Added video clips, sounds, and lights for the ADD-A-ZOMBIE MULTIBALL

total. Removed text before speech. Show Elvira on the total page when

the super jackpot has been collected.

- Added video clips, sounds, and lights for the ATTIC ATTACK MULTIBALL


- Added a lamp effect for the WILD WOMEN MULTIBALL total.

- Increased the volume for level 1 of GAPPA ANGRY; this was quieter than

the higher levels.

- Added video clips, sounds, and lights, for the PHONE-A-FIEND total. The

total page shows the maximum number of phones lit up during the multiball.

- Added video clips, sounds, and lights for the TRUNK MULTIBALL total.

- Added video clips for the FREAK FRYER level award.

- Added WILD MARKET VALUE HSTD to the attract mode.

- Fill out remainder of sound test table (includes MUSIC, FX and VO).



- Changed text color to green-ish for THE MANSTER total page.

- Changed text color to silver-ish for THE WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON total


- Added illumination lights to FREAK FRYER multiball backgrounds and


- Added the HOUSE PARTY lamp when ready/active.

(This may be the first time ever that I have an insert that doesn't light

up and the rule is implemented. Note to self: you still got it wrong.)

- If a DEADHEAD is lit for completion where the player is allowed to fire

the ball at the 36-24-36 targets to banish the DEADHEAD and complete the

mode AND the CRYPT is lit to lock a ball during level 3 of GAPPA ANGRY,

then banish the DEADHEAD immediately and lock the ball for GAPPA ANGRY.

- Do not allow the FREAK FRYER to advance towards lighting GAPPA ANGRY



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  • 4 months later...

New code update Elvira lovers


New game code:




V1.02.0 - Mar. 8, 2021



- Fixed a problem in Gappa Angry where occasionally, upon locking a ball, a new

ball is not introduced back into play.

- Fixed a problem where the game could crash when using the flippers to quickly

alternate back and forth between attract mode display effects.

- Added logic to reduce load time of videos from the SD card.

- Added logic that allows "Santa Claus Conquers The Martians" to be the first

Locked Room House mode to be played when playing this rule during the month

of December.

- Added a "Santa's Helper" adjustment that allows the "Santa Claus Conquers The

Martians" House mode to be the first Locked Room House mode to play during

the month of December. Default = YES. Note: The House Room must first be

unlocked with a Skeleton Key that is earned via the Junk in the Trunk rule.

- Added an "Additional Turret Motor Usage" adjustment. Options are:

1) None

2) Game Start

3) Garage Ball Lock

4) Game Start + Garage Ball Lock

Default setting = Game Start

- Added logic to rotate the House Turret at Game Start.

- Added logic to rotate the House Turret upon locking a ball in the Garage.

- Fixed a problem where the game might not award the correct number of credits

when a bill mech. is attached to the Center Coin switch.

- Now the game logo appears during the PowerUp/Boot sequence.

- Updated to node board firmware v0.67.0


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On 27/10/2021 at 1:50 PM, Replay said:

Would only be a handful coming to Australia if any, wonder what kind of $$ this will be priced at. More exclusive than the signature model??

10 are coming at just on 30k ,  only 4 signature editions in the country 

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Over double the price for a Premium EHOH

For the additional $15k you get a signature, a playing card, a shooter rod and a powder coat.

If I had the money, I'd rather buy 2 premiums.  No doubt they have already sold out the small Aussie allotment. 

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23 hours ago, Reefwalker said:

For the additional $15k you get a signature, a playing card, a shooter rod and a powder coat.

And it's not like the premium armour is not powder coated either, it's just powder coated a different colour; black. Oh, it has a shooter rod too, just not as "fancy".

It's all about the precieved value of these things atm. Your paying 15k to have a "rare" or "special" title, definately not for 15k worth of extras. Bit of a wank really.

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That’s what was said about MMR Royale and look what  happened there. They will sell and hold value. Ridiculous but true. 20K DEPOSIT if you want one. Crazy!!! 

I actually like the purple. 

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