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TV shows not on Netflix


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I always forget about this thread! Some more to watch.

Started wathcing the spin off of Sons of Anarchy...Mayans...meh...same ol shite...watched 2 episodes, couldnt be bothered.

Being a proud kiwi (lol) I watched Vegas - probably only appreciate if a Kiwi cos of the lingo and mannerisms. I swear they took their intro song from the Vikings. They even refer them to "Norseman" LOL. I enjoyed it though

I enjoyed Narcos too


I'll look up Dark Materials and Jupiters Legacy



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12 hours ago, bwodie said:

For those who like space sci fi, "Foundation" is fucking awesome

9/10 for me, and probably the best production of any sci fi show i've seen

Watching it know ,very good scifi

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I've been enjoying The BOYS  , on Amazon Prime  . 

Never really wanted Amazon Prime but we wanted to watch NOBODY so gave it a try (so Cheap) . The BEST streaming service by far. 

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