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Twilight Opto problem and Voltages on Ramps



Hi Everyone, I'm really hoping the collective Aussie Arcade Brain can help me diagnose a Twilight Problem.


Opto 73 (right ramp) works correctly when the machine starts (by checking in the switch test) and when the game starts it's fine, but soon after a game starts or if the machine goes into attract mode, the opto goes weird and the right ramp diverter starts activating on and off. If I go into the switch test then, it shows the opto is closed or flickering. I've checked the power to the opto, if it's in its permanently closed state the transmitter it is showing 12V which to my mind means the opto transmitter has failed. But you turn the machine off and on again and it's showing 1.4V and is fine. Opto 83 (Left Magnet) is also doing this but not as often. The fact that 2 of them are doing it, and they haven't permanently failed makes me suspicious that it's not just failing optos that are the cause.

I've taken both optos out and cleaned them, resoldered wiring, they seem fine.


Any suggestions???


One more weird thing, I am reading voltages on most metal parts of the playfield. I'm reading 6Vdc on the Right Ramp and the metal near the Left Magnet, 10V+ on the Lamp stand above the mini playfield, and about 8V on the wire that guides balls back in to the gumball machine.

I've read optos are fussy about voltages so maybe this is causing the issue and the optos are merely a symptom.


Can someone who owns a Twilight please check some voltages for me, I don't want to start hunting for some weird short (needle - haystack) if these voltages are just normal noise.


Any help would be appreciated.

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you are still classified as a newbie, first post since 2013. :)


Did you look at opto with a digital \ phone camera?


if the transmitter looks weak after it warms up change \ swap it


- - - Updated - - -


check row 3 wiring check buttons on start and buy in for bent shorted diode


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