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Deadpool, 2 balls in the plunger at game start?!?


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Recently I was playing a deadpool machine (Timezone Wellington NZ) and after a few games I load another credit, hit start and 2 balls appeared at the plunger. It didn’t seem to be a random fault as when one of the balls drained it didn’t end the ball but continued playing. Also my gut feeling was the scoring was significantly higher than normal.


I think I may have had this occur once before at the start of ball 2 or ball 3 but can’t be certain.


I’ve had a search around the internet but I can’t find any reference to this as a feature.


I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this? Or even better knows what causes it?

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Yeah a fault mate i'd say. Mine deosn't do that.


Was thinking that maybe free game was set to give an extra ball on the number match, but would think that you wouldn't be able to start another game at the same time.

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My hunch is the ball is bouncing back in to the ball trough. Machine then spits out another ball. Easy fix, bend the ejector plate so the ball does not bounce back in to the trough. Very common issue with Stern games. BW games do it too.



All good just thought if it didn’t realise it ejected 2 balls it would end the ball when the first one drained. Obviously there other logic for that.


Alot of games will do this. I've seen a Transformers get a stuck ball and get completely confused, after a few ball searches it decided to launch a new ball ... then the stuck ball comes free and the ball is ended once the additional ball hits the outhole. It started throwing two balls into the shooter lane. Crazy machine Lol. I think it must have had a trough issue. Turned off and all balls back in trough, Transformers forgot what had happened :rolleyes


D/E SEGA like doing it too


Indeed assuming all trough switches are working? ... then the game aught to have code to account that there is an additional ball on the playfield than there should be (too few balls in trough), and not end the ball when the rogue ball drains.

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