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  • 4 weeks later...
Action speaks louder than words :067:


I was originally super keen , but this nonsense has been going on for so long that it sure has put a sour taste in my mouth :(. I wouldn't buy one now just on principle :098:


It’s been quite a while yes but at the same time they haven’t taken any money so I mean they’ve got that in their corner

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I watched the explanation video by Mueller. It does look awesome I must say. The Pinbar, the lifting glass, the backbox and display. The whole thing is a really interesting piece of industrial and creative design. Something that you could stand around in years to come and talk about the story and intricacies of the machine. Not something we’re likely to do with Stranger Things.
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An update was posted on TWIP today FYI :


Dear RAZA Customer:


First, thank you for your business and decision to buy in to an amazing machine we spent years designing to bring out the best of Popadiuk’s original theme and layout. As I am writing this email, I am aware of the weight of accountability in fulfilling orders of quality machines as soon as possible. I am providing the below update as a matter of goodwill and transparency, knowing that it will be unfortunately posted online or misreported by podcasts (plural), twisted in ways where truth, civility, and rationality go to die.



We received orders (paid or goodwill) for ~70 Arcade Editions of RAZA, and ~60 Xtra Editions of RAZA. We will round up to 160 total RAZA Games with most of the remaining games available for sale at $8,000USD starting price for the Arcade Edition, and $13,000USD flat fee for the Xtra Edition. More details on timing of that later. After all RAZA games have sold we will publish (for historical purposes – IPDB), the exact game counts.



We were not able to get our machines scheduled into the labs for UL testing or International/CE testing until two weeks ago. So far I understand that most tests have been passed. I understand it can take up to 5 weeks to complete testing and receiving reports and certification. We will not be able to release/ship any games until those are complete.



With most vendors going dark for the last two weeks of December and first week of January, we have orders in for about 70% of the BOM. There are three main hiccups:

• Long lead times in general and vendors promising one thing before they get their money, than quickly changing their tune after getting their money is the most prevalent reason for the delayed orders and parts. There have been some great vendors who are exceeding expectations; and we sincerely appreciate their efforts.

• The lockbar we designed as more ergonomically usable is complex with two stamps and several welded reinforcements. The complexity of the design has caused a large number of vendors to pass on it with the cost and time frame we needed it. We finally have two vendors that are willing to do small runs. The problem is getting them into their already full production schedule to arrive asap.

• The lighted side panel prototypes we had for our 2 Xtra editions had some wear/tear and technical issues with frayed wires and sizing. It has taken the last 60+ days working with several vendors to redesign them to be more durable and allow spacing for leg protectors or cup holders, etc.



We have the first lines ready to go and will proceed in prepping what we can while waiting on parts and certification. Since there are tiered production stations the ones that can produce deliverables will start in the next few weeks. I made the decision not to show production lines or illusory and deceptive pictures of parts or lines or cabinets for many obvious reasons. The only thing that matters is you getting your brand new RAZA on your doorstep in working condition as soon as possible. That is a picture that will actually mean something. We fully look forward to seeing your delivery pics and unboxing videos posted or tagged to one or more of our social media pages.



We have received lots of requests for additional video coverage or streaming. We finally got all the cameras for our internal rig. But (and being completely honest) I have requested that they be delayed for now. Our creative team is working hard on other projects and deadlines. I feel that since orders are over, adding additional content in the short term is moot.



Disappointing news may still have a bright side. We expect to receive parts through the first week of March at this point with the first RAZAs leaving mid-March. The certifications for UL/CE should also be done around the time. While that may sound disappointing to wait another couple of weeks for games, there is a bright side. Since the run of RAZA machines is limited, we should be done much quicker than our anticipated and originally announced time of 3.5-4 months.


We have had some of you contact us about jumping the line. It doesn’t make any sense at this point. You and other customers will be playing RAZA sooner than you think.



I plan to update customers again by the end of February. Thank you again for your trust and business. Thank you for your patience. We look forward to exceeding expectations and we are grateful for you allowing us a chance to do so. If you have any questions, please contact us at contact@deeprootpinball.com or by visiting the website.


Best! -Robert J. Mueller

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Correspondence sent to preorders this week apparently advising they will now only make 130 and another 6 week delay. They will no longer put out media releases. Tipping this will be their last communication. Ship has sunk. Bankruptcy looms.
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  • 4 months later...

This part is interesting...

9. Mueller also used more than $1.5 million of the Funds’ assets to pay hundreds of 
personal expenses, including his daughter’s private school tuition, vacations with his family, his 
second wedding, his second divorce, his third wedding, jewelry for both his second and third 
wives (including engagement rings and wedding bands for both wives), other lifestyle spending 
for and by his family, and to buy a condominium in Kauai, Hawaii. When asked by SEC counsel 
during investigative testimony about his use of the Funds’ assets to pay for these personal and 
family expenses, Mueller asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination.

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