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1964 GRAND TOUR EM-7 Segment Displays

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Just toying around with the idea...

Being able to replace a standard EM score reel bank with an Electronic one.

This is a multiplexed unit but it has inputs that accept separate pulsed dry contacts.

Basically an input for 10 - 100 - 1000 derived from the coil pulses to the score reel.

The extension of this is it can do Replay , Match and Highest Score.

Going to have a crack at this on a single player 60s Grand Tour.








Modded for points awarded in play





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They look like Data East or Sega flipper assemblies but all those parts are interchangeable with Williams anyway. If you want to use short coils on those flipper assemblies, just drill new holes to suit the coil retainer but leave the long plungers in and they will work perfectly with the short coils.

Here is an example with a Stern Meteor using Williams assemblies but retaining the original Stern short coils...




Pity you didn't ask as I have heaps of bumper parts and would have gladly swapped some of those old bally score reel assemblies for them.

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Just to give you an idea...This took about 4 hours to get from

an unwired playfield and head and cabinet - to a flipping game.


This is Not the hard part of making a Pinball.

Very little knowledge is required for this level ...have a crack !


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Grand Tour


The completed game rules - lights - sounds

...cabinet love required






The score


- has been extended from 1999 to 9999 to accommodate this.


*The display is a multiplexed unit ( hence why it appears to flicker on camera ) i designed using a 20pin micro controller.

It is self contained and made for EM score reel replacement - and has ;

- dry contact inputs for 1 , 10 , 100 points

- current amount being scored eg - - 5 0 , -1 0 0 , - - - 1

- tally obviously

- game over - highest score to date

- replay out pulse for knocker / credit unit

- match not used


Further to the removal of the Tour gate.


For those who dont know the rules of this game.


The tour gate is opened 2 ways;

- by the centre upper rollover

- by collecting 3/4 of the button/mushroom targets

- 4/4 opens the outlane gate


Because I made the gate virtual


- the centre rollover is timed at 7 seconds and is updatable...so 7 seconds from the last actvation

- the 3/4 rule remains opens the Tour gate and lites the loop switches for 50 points

- the 4/4 rule opens the outlane gate and lites pops slings for 10 points

for the rest of the ball, regardless of the outlane gate reset.

- the rollover buttons score when 5 points when both are collected or 50 points if the

outlane gate has been collected.


Bonus is awarded at the end of each ball x100 for each city collected.


A replay is awarded at 3000 points , this generally means you've collected 3-4 cities

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