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Here we go again.. Fishing.

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So as if doing two decal jobs last week wasn't enough I received another Fish Tale's on Friday. Lets sling the the hook and see what we can reel in.


A basket case of a cabinet is what.! On the surface the cab looked ok. A cursory glance, yep, not too bad - seems solid enough, a bit rough around the edges.


This machine belongs to a bloke in Toowoombah, his wife bought it for him 7 odd years ago - from a dealer in Melbourne. Not dissing the dealers in Melbourne, but I have a fair idea where this one came from.! Other than that the machine turns, on and plays, no obvious errors. The fish has never flapped, quick look in the head box and its been disconnected. For the first time ever this bloke now see's his fish a'flapping :)


Anyway lets have a closer look.













Its all there, so lets start the tear down...






OMFG... What is this shit.!










This whole cabinet is held together by angle iron.. Rusty angle iron.!


Normally the cabinet is solid enough to to endure the decal strip and sand etc before any attention is given to fixing up the corners etc, not this time.








So its out with the PVA glue, the nail gun and some rachet straps.! I figured the most economical way to deal with the lack of angle iron would be to glue and nail some 19 x 19mm timber along the inside of the base..












That was Friday - this is today...


So the glue has dried and the straps have been taken off, feels really quite solid, time to mover on..


Heat gun the cabinet decals off and sand off the head box decals, run around with the bog and lets start to patch this thing up. It's going to a fair few rounds with the builders bog to get this cabinet back into shape.. There were so many screws and bolts holding it all together, so of course that means so many more holes to fill.. All part of the process.


So the aim of today was to get all the main hardware ready to take to the powderccoaters tomorrow, get the first application of bog on and then drink beer.!













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Geeeez, the cab was terrible. Can't believe that metal 'L' shaped bracing that's been put in. I'm tipping I know where this came from too. I thought you may just throw a new base in it. Anyway, should come up nice when completed. Good job. My next cab, I'm going to try the heat gun (assuming the cab has decals as opposed to ink printing onto the timber)
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Anyway, that was a week ago.. The cabinet pulled together really well, nice and tight and square..


I experimented with this cabinet in that I rolled the hi-lift putty filler instead on using the airgun.. I think in terms of effort and mess its definitely the way to go. After a good sand and a really fine sand after that the finish was excellent. No pics that I can find though of the finish after sanding and blacking out. Anyway, it worked well for me., but next time a nice microfiber roller would be better.









Sand, fill, sand paint... blah blah.. But the corners are a bit better than before - and it's solid.



The playfield was very grubby, so I systematically stripped it back, cleaned and LED'd along the way. Be great to have the skill's to fix the playfield, but that's a job for the experts. Though a bit of attention and effort does improve it drastically. Encountered the old coin door issue again in that the machine didn't have a square coin door so it didn't match the square printer decals.. Luckily Tony at The Pinball Shed is not too far away, so another trip to him to get a door, a few other odds and sods and a Lightning flipper to match the other. It had odd flippers. FFS. And decals from Mr Pinball - they are so nice to work with, and the textured finish is brilliant.










So yesterday the powder coating was completed and collected, and partial assembly was underway..










And a bit more work today including final assembly, Back box LED's, flipper kits, remote battery, new glass and mirror blades etc etc and its to a point where a game can be played. It fired up nicely which was a relief, though the DMD started to get lines through it and the sound was wrong. Seems to have rectified itself meanwhile, so hopefully its not an ongoing issue. Always a worry when working on someone else's machine that is apparently 98% to have these issues develop. Time will tell.


This guy wanted orange trim which actually has pulled the machine together really well. Its a 'standard' orange in that its widely used in the real world for electrical power boxes etc..



















A few more things to do, but come tomorrow this will be done and dusted; new buttons, leg bolts, and get the topper on, and fiddle with the LED's in the coin door and start button..





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@WOKA did you strip the entire head box and apply a new caution decal or did you just mask it of and save the old one?


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I just masked out the old. I'd like to play with screen printing though some time.


Who wants a machine done..!?


Woka is a resto man now! Such a lovely job of that FT Dylan.



Cheers Greg.. Its therapeutic - I actually really enjoy doing it..


Hope you're keeping well - Merry Christmas to you and yours. :)

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