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Homebrew TNA inspired build (first time build)

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Amazing, I can’t believe u did all that in basically 4 months. Congratulations mate


Thanks for the kind words (from everyone). It does seem like a lot of work for 4 months, but I'm the kind of person that if I don't have a tight deadline, nothing gets done. If I gave myself a year to work on it, I'd probably still be wiring right now.

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I keep hearing people mention TNA's scoop. What happens with it?

Straight out of the box it has a high rejection rate, just won't drop in the hole.

I understand this is a mode starting important shot so it shouldn't be easy, but it has too much rejection straight up.

Easy remedies such as bending the scoop down a little or re mounting the scoop down a little with a washer or too from underneath.

It's still a hard shot but better.

Easier to make with a backhand off the left flipper.


Your scoop seemed to flow a little better in the vid.


Really the key shot to learn on TNA is the super skill shot.

Pick your lit inlane with the flippers before you plunge and get it in that lane without moving the flippers.

This allows you to bypass completing the grid and starting the reactor without flipping.

This works on all reactors and with each reactor there are more hits to complete it.

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I’m curious to know your why you chose fast vs p3-roc?


I think either option would work fine. I liked FAST because I could have everything I need with only 4 boards whereas with P3-ROC I would have needed 7 boards. I haven't decided which I'm using for my next pin yet so I'll probably do some research again before I decide (I'll do a detailed build thread when I start).

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