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The family room console cabinet or how many consoles can you fit in a 2x4 kallax.

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Only received them today.

8 hours ago, Shan said:

Wow, I never heard of a screw removal pliers before, but I've definitely tried using ordinary pliers to remove chewed out screws mostly unsuccessfully. Have you had a chance to try them out yet.

Not as yet, only received them today. They look the goods though, should do a great job.

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9 hours ago, redferatu said:

bunch of screen mods I notice. They worth the effort?

Yes, mostly, the better clarity is great.

Most of the older units are re-cases as the screen/case was munted anyway. gb, gbc, gba, ngpc, gg

The lynx had screen lines and is the lcd update that I like the most.

The switch, psp, vita, gb micro, ngage are original with good output.

The pce gt is no fun at that screen size so will be updated.

The nomad screen is a bit crap so will be updated.

And well... the wonderswans are unplayable with stock lcd imho.

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