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AJFClark's Movember Thread


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Round 1 closes with a strong showing from the main contenders but a few close calls in their midst. Last year's Swirl was nearly last year's news, Doucheus Maximus bowed out early and the people generally picked the more interesting things and felt Uncle Chopper past his use by date.

_Round 1 Votes (1).png

A week in and $620 raised for suicide prevention services already! I couldn't do this without your support so thank you to all those who have donated.

Round 2 is now open! The new kid on the block takes on last year's champion, Questions will be asked of Chopper, Batman matches against 2019's champion and the Gypsies see who can steal the other's thunder...


Voting on Google Forms: https://forms.gle/QRTrRHf4XyA2KzPF6

Multiply your voting power: https://mobro.co/ajfclark/

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Getting to the pointy end of the style Play-Oofs. The voting in the quarterfinals was fairly lopsided (like some of my Mos over the years), but still very important to determine which styles went head to head in the semi finals.

May be an image of text that says "Round 2 Votes 40 30 32 20 35 29 10 32 7 10 Must The Questions chopper Double The 4 Full Batman6 66 The TheFull Batman Swiri D'artagnan The The Style Lemmy"

The D'artagnan (the style formerly known as... ) was the clear favourite, facing the style with the least votes in the quarters, The Double Decka. Should be some stiff competition there as two favourites face off!

The DC universe will have to decide between Batman '66 and Questions Must Be Asked of (The Riddler). Will good triumph over madness?

May be an image of 4 people, including Andrew Clark, beard and text that says "VS The Double Decka Burger The D'artagnan VS Questions Must Be Asked Batman 66"

Here's where the voting sits at the moment. The dark bars are the straight votes and the lighter portion are the purchased ones.

May be an image of text that says "Round 2 Votes 40 30 22 20 17 10 8 11 5 The Double Decka Burger The D'artagnan Questions Must Be Asked Style Batman 66"

We can see the clear people's favourite for the first matchup is the D'artagnan, but the people buying votes are distorting the result! You'll need to rally against the corruption if D'artagnan is to survive to the next round.

It's FREE to vote. Just click on the link. Send it to your friends!

Submit votes: https://forms.gle/p2jkuFNSnmHbL12f9

Increase your voting power: https://mobro.co/ajfclark/

Don't forget, it's a twofer! My brother Matt will be annoying Jillian with the same horrible face fuzz!

#movemeber #Movember2021 #suicideprevention #depressionawareness #MensHealthMatters #ProstateCancer

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