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Aldi arcade cabinets are here

1.21 Gigawatts

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our closest Aldi must be bloody stubborn Bastards, they still have them at $299, I dont think they have sold a single one.


Ive been waiting for this wooden kids tool bench to come on special, they have been there for almost 6 months, and still the same price as when they came out, a whole pallet of them lol

this store Just doesnt like selling their old stock cheap.

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Got my Sanwa buttons and joysticks from eBay today. Just waiting for the LCD controller now. You powering it off that circuit board?


Sorry for late reply, been away.


I'm powering the all the 12v devices from the PSU that came with the machine. Its powering the LCD controller, an amplifier and the lights for the 20c buttons.


I'm powering the Raspberry Pi from a Raspberry Pi PSU.


I mounted an IEC connector to the back panel of the machine, then wired a 4 Plug power board inside the machine and plugged in the transformers there.


I hope tha make sense, if not I can take some photos.


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Hey mate. Can you add some photos? Keen on this.


Better late than never......




The IEC connector



Raspberry Pi and LCD controller



Amplifier and one of the speakers



Power supplies- Power board hard wired into back of IEC connector

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