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Pretty impressed with the condition of the machine, only a couple of plastics broken, ramps mint, playfield near perfect. 100% working. LED upgrade when i get the time. Enjoy the pics from a 1 owner machine from new.


IMG_0114.thumb.jpg.a49d01ec1effee69ca0b9c34b5a4d8f7.jpg IMG_0115.thumb.jpg.5bae921c6862e6a1f2c6e7a45445cf96.jpg


IMG_0116.thumb.jpg.f1a821199240473227046169e4199882.jpg IMG_0117.thumb.jpg.d60060177a32747d4e09d1d66f1edee6.jpg


IMG_0119.thumb.jpg.e098c48418653fdeb6409cf10bc10b7b.jpg IMG_0118.thumb.jpg.de1abd25f6c3e97ecd3fb0defce2245d.jpg

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Looks really nice mate! Got to love them system 11s. Must have been the weekend for them. I picked up another sys11 for the collection too.



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Nice ! Which one Ash ? pics

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