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Coin return early Bally coin door

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If you have a sample, any machine shop could knock out 10 of them in about an hour for you out of stainless steel
Thought of going down that track as a last resort. Just wanted to see if I was able to purchase from somewhere as a replacement part first. Cheers.


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Maybe @Railways could get some made up for you?


I too have Bally's that suffer from rusty ones and as @angs1957 mentioned I clean mine up in a drill like a make shift lathe then a light coat of clear.


Unfortunately we don't have access to a lathe presently but have thought of what @Boots said about a machine shop before but that's as far as it got:redface

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they're always rusty.. you wont find nice ones and will probably have to buy a wrecked door to get them at all.


I just send a sample off to have them made for pspa but i have no idea how long it will take or what they will cost. it will come in time.

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Anthony I have alot of old project pins on the go and doing a door strip at the moment. I will take my button to a fabricator and get them costed up for say 50 in stainless which can be polished.
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