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Pinball LEDs Batch 7!


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Hello for the 7th time,


Its time for Pinball LED batch number 7! If you are new to this, the way it works is



1. You place the order on my website.

2. Pay for it

3. I place a big order with a supplier in China

4. He makes the LEDs and send them to me

5. I send them to you.


The advantage is great prices and an incredible range of types and colours. 42 different types with about 9 different colours = over 350 different SKUs!

This is why I cannot buy them and stock them in Australia and why there is a minimum order quantity.


Please note that these are 6.3v LEDs made for pinball machines, not 6v that are really just automotive LEDs.


Normal LEDs

Normal Bayonet - http://www.elitepinball.com/Pinball-Led-Australia/Bayonet%20pinball%20%20LEDs%20Australia

Normal Wedge - http://www.elitepinball.com/Pinball-Led-Australia/Wedge-Pinball-LEDS


Super anti ghosting LEDs

They have a small capacitor in them and from what I have seen and the feedback I have they eliminate all ghosting in problem DMD/Capcom games. I have not tried them on older SS/EM games but maybe someone here has?


Super Anti ghosting Bayonet - http://www.elitepinball.com/Pinball-Led-Australia/Anti%20Ghosting%20LEDs%20Australia

Super Anti ghosting Wedge - http://www.elitepinball.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_66



Flashers - http://www.elitepinball.com/Pinball-Led-Australia/LED-Pinball-Flashers-Australia

Star post LEDs and RGB changing - http://www.elitepinball.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=60_64



Orders can be placed NOW until 8am Sunday morning on 6th of May 2018. That is when I will close up the orders and place the order with the supplier.

Please note that it takes about 4 weeks AFTER I ORDER for the LEDs to be sent to me. Thats just the way it works, I cannot do anything to speed it up. Sometimes delays can happen, last order took 5.5 weeks to get here because of some Chinese holidays. Sometimes it takes 3 weeks.


Feel free to split orders between friends etc to make it easier to get to the 50 pieces MOQ!



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Not that you need the adulation now you are " Rock Star Famous" but...... I totally appreciate the dedication, time ,effort and excellent product you provide us with .

Again , Thank You So Very Much

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