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Melbourne Components.


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They were open and had some nice stuff, but didn’t stock too many caps, as can be expected I suppose. Are there any other recommended electronic stores around?



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1997 called .. they said to say perhaps if we hadnt shafted all the small electronics businesses by buying online, then never repairing anything, they might still be around... the market has changed though.


your only real hopes for parts at the counter in Melbourne is radioparts, jaycar and altronics.


online from RS and E14 is probably easier.



http://www.radioparts.com.au/category/components/capacitors is handy in emergencies but their shipping can be slow.








a ma and pa component shop would have to sell about 800 caps a day to make rent and wages now

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I used to love going up to radio parts in West Melbourne when I worked in the city.


I bought everything from alarm stuff, to TV aerials /splitters, cables, connectors, you name it.


Do they even have a showroom now? Probably mostly online.


I do frequent Jaycar now though. The Ferntree Gully one opened recently, and is near my work, so has been great.

I could never get to the Ringwood one due to work hours.


And hey @wiredoug, I'd be more than happy to return to 1997! I'd be 20 years younger, 15kgs lighter, and have hair! :lol



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they do but its mindless consumer crap ( that they make money on) like speakers and alarms. if you want service or components you have to ask.

one handy thing they do have thats not in the showroom is weller tips.


will be plenty of mexicans who remember the days of Rod irving and jaycar being in the same street. If you want to go back the catch is you wont know what you know now :)

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