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Keys for your Pinballs....

Silver Surfer

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Keyed alike. Only way to go I think. Cheap ones are $4 a lock. As for the headbox, I just leave it unlocked with the key inside.


Speaking on kneeing machines, as teenagers, a mate if mine kneed a Bally Kiss so hard, he missed the flat of the door and caught the piece that sticks out holding the entrance plates and the front of the machine lifted near 300mm.


The machine blacked out, probably the cabinet slam switch as he all but missed hitting the door except up ways.


Following day his knee was twice it's normal size.

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Keyed alike.

1 for home pins, 1 for arcades and 1 for site games.


Sell a machine, swap it out for the original.


Now that there’s no arcades I might use those locks to key alike the headbox.


That's a lot of locks Leigh . :o


And that way I only need one key for the games that come to my place too.



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