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Keys for your Pinballs....

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So as my collection is slowly growing I am just having keys lying around the place. This was bugging me so I knocked this up to hang my keys on. What does eveyone else do with there keys?


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Very nice and tidy key holder you have knocked . Great job .

It was a hard one for me to , keys in a tub ,looking looking all the time ,so i just bought a bulk lot of keyed alike locks .

Swap them out when i sell a machine , 1 key fit all, easy



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This is basically them. Love em!!




No looking for keys



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I had a bulk lot of keyed alike for Pinfest a few years ago and you know how things go, sell a game and forget to change them out. I'm going to go keyless using those very soon and just leave the original barrel and keys inside.


Of course this will only work if you haven't got young'uns around who can't help to open cupboards, doors, pinnies etc.

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Keyed alike barrels. One key does the lot that way you end up with heaps of spares, ohh and a baby food jar to keep them in.


Same, one key for all. So much easier at the end of the day.


Thought about the keyless ones, but wanted to keep pinheads out of my settings/volume at my meets! :lol

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Great innovative idea @Anthony, I like it. I actually like the keyless lock on the coin door too as would be very convenient but not with my 4yr boy who is into everything.


For this reason, all my keys are up high on the side of a cupboard on screws. Each must have it's own themed keyring too, so @Ando77 congrats on the Iron Maiden keyring purchase.




I also just put up my Stern Pinball neon sign I received in the mail yesterday. Very happy with it.




My family think I am obsessed and have a problem (keys with themed keyrings, neon sign, etc.). My reply is, "You should see some man-caves and pinball collections I've seen"

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what keys I keep losing them, now use a trusty crowbar. Apparently it also fits all house key locks too....I'm told.....not that I burgle houses....not in the last week anyway.....since I left the Western suburbs.....enough said.......1800 crime stoppers
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