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Can't find the pin in the list?


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Many thanks for the updates.

In future I will post the pics.

As these are scores I recorded over the last 5 years in a spreadsheet, I deleted the pics after updating spreadsheet!

Although in some cases I didn't take pics as the scores were recorded as part of a tournament where scores are available to be viewed online (e.g. on Match Play Events) afterwards.


All good Andrew. Hope to catch up with you at Doug's meet:)

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Can you please add a few more classics:

Big Deal (Williams, 1963)

Last Lap (Playmatic, 1978)

Mariner (Bally, 1971)

Pinball Champ '82 (Zaccaria, 1982)

Pro-Football (Gottlieb, 1973)

Robot (Zaccaria, 1985)

Space Race (Recel, 1977)

Star Pool (Williams, 1954)

Straight Shooter (Gottlieb, 1959)

Vector (Bally, 1982)


think I got them all now:)

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Haha, Mark @toads can put his own score up for Centigrade 37 when he rolled mine twice.


Was 2 hundred and something thousand...such a shame EM's don't hold scores...:lol


Couple of us also rolled it twice at Wazzas meet before you got it.



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