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Can't find the pin in the list?


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Hi guys,

If you can't find a pin on the list, let me know what pin it is in this thread and I'll set a page up for it.




Once the page is up, I'll let you know and you can post in the new thread.

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Stern Rolling Stones LE ?


I hear that Marty loves this game. So does Ryza



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Eddy, sorry missed your post.

I know those two will be excited to see the High Scores page is up :)




And the Standard Edition is here...




- - - Updated - - -


Hey @toads is there an Indy500 thread? Couldn’t find one.


It's up :)



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I know there's not many in the country but could you run a CSI high score for me , not sure what a good score would be . Thanks Dimes


Have you reset scores, can you post mine up ?



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