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My baby is having a baby - I am going to be a grandfather!


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oh god, where did the time go. my wife and i youngest child is having a baby! we haven't been able to say anything and it's slowly sinking in.


here is how amber (my daughter) announced the news today on facebook:



To my darling baby.


Although I have only had you in my life (well, my tum) for twelve weeks now, it feels as though it has been forever. And mentally it has been forever. Never did I think being a mum to you could be such a journey. Of course I knew being a parent was never straight forward, but the amount of life and lessons you have brought to me has enabled me to reflect on my life and what it means.


Having you made me learn the meaning of being truely grateful and not taking a single thing for granted.


The process of the first twelve weeks has been the most distressing twelve weeks of my life. I always saw pregnancy as something that celebrates this guaranteed life that was destined to be apart of my world. After losing your sibling only a week prior to your life, I learnt that pregnancy is not a guarantee and I am not something that can change that outcome.


For every day that I feel sick and for every time I dwell on how sad I am to lose my first little one, I can turn to you (now part of my tum) as a source of comfort and hope. Being your mumma bear is nothing how I imagined, and I know that this past twelve weeks, along with the weeks prior to having your sibling has only been the beginning for what it is like to become a parent but as hard as it is, I love it, and I love you so very much.


I hope to meet you in August.


Love your mum.


Thanks to everyone who has helped me mentally along this journey. Talking about miscarriages and pregnancy is such a sensitive piece of me and having people allow and encourage me to open up despite how much I didn’t want to has really helped.


I chose this photo of at 8 weeks as this is when we first met. I didn’t even know that I had an eggy in my tummy let alone a healthy little blob who was actively moving. That day defined the definition of thankfulness for me



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Congrats tony. I have only one grandchild at present and I've done poppy daycare since she was 6 months old for a couple of days a week and now she's off to Daycare for one of those days to play and learn with other kids . I've had the thrill of watching her grow with teething, speech, crawling, walking now.

Embrace every second mate because as you've seen, they grow up soooo quick.

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