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Sega rally



Hi all! New on the forum and new on arcade games as well...

Just bought a used sega rally championship dlx.

But it has some problems, the force feedback does not work, on start up the steering wheel gets stiff but does not move at all.

The display on the drive bd counts from0-F.

Then error7 comes up.

If i turn the wheel slowly on start up from side to side i can go through the test witout error.

Playing is hard because the steering wheel is really tough to turn.

If i go inte the testscreen i can ser that both pots are at 80 when wheel is centered.

When looking into where motor and pots are i can see that the fan on the motor to the right is spinning when the start up procedure is active but the wheel is in center.

Any tips on what too look for??

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Its sega rally 1 i belive.

Its all metall gears at the motor and the end of the axle so the ebay link is not the same i think.

I did however solve the problem temporary with pushing the axle out of the motor and skipping the cooling fan in the backside of the motor around 5 mm so it works for now.

For some reason i dont get ebay users from australia when i do a search on ebay ill try to go to ebay.com.au because there isnt that many sega rally hits on ebay.com

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Yes the vibration come from the sub woofer speaker under the seat. From the few Sega Rally games I have seen. Some have a sub woofer speaker in a plastic cavity and others don't. Some have the wiring there but no speaker. The sound for the speaker comes from the low pass amp (see pic), see if you have one.


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