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We are finally back at our 'spiritual' home tonight for the BPC.

Back to our regular format with qualifying open from 3pm at Netherworld.  10 game qualifying at your own leisure, all done by 9pm.  Top 16 through to Best of 3 game elimination finals.

$15 entry, see me to register before you begin.  Cash payments only please.  Don't forget to check in to the venue with the app on arrival and masks will still need to be worn, except when eating/drinking.

IFPA WPPRs + QLD championship points up for grabs.

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BPC meet on again tonight.

Qualifying open from 3pm.  10 games at your own leisure.

$15 entry - no new games to start after 9pm.

Top 16 through to Best of 3 game elimination finals

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Results from tonight's BPC meet (40 players):
Top 16:
1st - Jason Lambert
2nd - Tom Fletcher
3rd - Scott Piper
=5th - Nicolas Noben
=5th - Ben Piercy
=5th - Tony Kourakis
=5th - Gino Thimios
=9th - James Drury
=9th - Chris Jennings
=9th - John Scolaro
=9th - Rhys McHale
=9th - Jimmy Nails
=9th - Michael Dodt
=9th - Mark Robinson
=9th - Dirk Booy
Next BPC meet will be on Tuesday 4th October
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We're finally back for another meet on Tuesday 19th October down in the depths of the Netherworld.

$15 entry gets you your 10 games of qualifying, which opens from 4pm.  Top 16 go through to finals, which will start shortly after 9pm.

Come and see me when you're ready to start your games to register.  Cash payments only please.

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Results from tonight's BPC meet.... Final Top 16

1 Jason Lambert 
2 Luke French 
3 Dirk Booy 
4 Gary Eldershaw 
5 Tom Fletcher 
5  Michael Dodt
5  John Scolaro 
5  Philip Dudley 
9 Emily Jane Smith
9  Scott Piper 
9  Adam Wilson
9  Chris Bancroft 
9  Nicolas Aizier
9  Chris Jennings
9  Mitch Wilkins 
9  Andrew Bartlett

Thank you to all who assisted with scoring tonight.  With 43 players in attendance tonight, the extra scorers came in very handy 🙂

Our next official BPC meet is on Tuesday 2nd November, however don't forget that we will be hosting a Group Matchplay next Tuesday night from 6.30pm.  Tickets must be pre-purchased via Eventbrite (see link below), as we have to run a cap of 40 players max.



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