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Illawarra Steelers meet - 31st March 2018

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I'm very sorry to hear about your mum, Tony. It sounds like you come from a close family.


Thanks for inviting us to EM heaven. It was a pleasure to play older era games. Not a dmd in sight and they weren't missed either.




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still recovering from this but will lock in a date soon for another meet late november this year for the insanity to start again.


have another meet in 2 weeks today with my circle of friends, will be around 50 people but im sure it wont get as out of hand as the one 2 weeks ago ;)


Out of hand? I resent that remark ;)



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there is another meet here this saturday with around 25 people (totally different mix of friends) - if anybody would like to come please shoot me a pm.


will start at 4 and wont be insane as the last one got ;)


also @rod71 is making an appearance :cool:


there will be another meet late november at this stage.

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One year ago today Moyra and I got to meet Tony and the amazing NSW crew and also see the amazing shed!


We had no end of fun that night and hope to attend another infamous Illawarra Steelers meet.


Hope you don’t mind me bumping this thread Tony as Moyra and I were remembering what a great time we had at your meet.







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