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Death by Pinball at Netherworld 2018

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The time has finally come for the 2nd demoralising, demonic endurance hell they call 'Death By Pinball'. The Netherworld will be closed to the public on this day to make way for the truly terrifying, torturous ritual - A 24 hour pinball marathon, not for the feint of heart. A ‘match play’ event, you’ll be pitted against Netherworld’s gnarliest denizens over many, many, many rounds until the early hours of the following day.


In between rounds, you’ll be free to play Netherworld’s many machines, compete in a side comp or have a quick rest on the ‘stage pit of shame’.


Special rewards will be given to those that actually survive the night. Each survivor will get a special Death By Pinball patch.


When: Bad Saturday the 31st of March from 9am until 9am the following morning.


Tickets: $100 each – comes with entry, a limited edition pin, limited edition t-shirt, 3 meals and 2 drinks. BYO snacks. Cash prizes for the top places!


The bar will be open, though alcohol service will cease at 3am. The bar will be closed to the public for this event - Only those with tickets will be permitted entry. Tickets are limited!


Tickets at



Be afraid. Be very very afraid



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Just listening to a podcast today. They ran a 27 strikes tournament. Now that sounds like fun


Awesome fun! Even I lose every game, it'll still take something like three hours… :)


Come to think of it, seeing that a strikes tournament doesn't enter the next round until all games in the previous round are complete, it's probably more like 10-15 hours, even if I lose every game…



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Greg G pointed out that to truly make it death by pinball, it should be a 24hrs Frenzy. :)
I would be so up for this!


I'm pretty sure if someone did that the ifpa would nuke flip frenzy events quick smart. Not sure how they score these things but just scaling up from netherworlds flip frenzies it'd likely be the highest scoring event ever held


There'd be so many wpprs you could open a hungry jacks!


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Mates we have great ticket sales compared to last year so please don't wait too much longer to book. Also if you don't book by next Thursday the 22nd you will miss out on a T-Shirt. These will not be available for sale on the day and can not be ordered post event or after the cut off. Get them tickets brothers and sisters!!



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I can't make it this time.... I was pretty knocked about last one. Don't think 24h will be good my general post shingles well-being!


Definitely up for the masters - and working to get to the Cooly Classic if I can...


shame I was looking forward to catching up with you. Let me know when you are up m8

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Hate to say it but I'm 100% out. That being said if too many people don't take the "Death By Pinball" name seriously and die I'll do my best to be there next year.


I'll be watching the standings on Matchplay feeling VERY jealous :redface

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