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FLYING HIGH ( Airplane )

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I am shocked by the senseless violence, but amused by the clip......does that make me a bad person?:unsure


Hmmm, now I know for sure that you did not hang out at the same arcades as me as a kid. If you did you would be immune to the senseless violence by now :)


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I love the flow of your machine actually and of coarse the novelty of the mechs you have come up with.


That left hand ramp lane where the ball near stops before turning is and coming back to the flipper is brilliant and no need to say how excited I am about the in line target bank with the auto drop feature.


I love those in line target banks and you have taken them to another level.

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I have not modded these for lite control yet

Just making sure they all fit...and they do.





this is just some mode/multiball stuff from Act 2 of 4 of the game


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Or how about call it Airplane after the all-time classic comedy movie it is based on...


Good idea for a homebrew, could have some hilarious call-outs.



As far as I always knew it was called "Flying High" , someone referred to it as aeroplane one time recently I didn't know w.t.f. they were on about! Lol


I thought Flying High was the name of it. Meh.


Fun theme whatever it's going to be called :)

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