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Star Trek Discovery


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First 3 eps have aired, trek fans and non fans, what do you think ?


Grew up on TOS and later STTNG. I tried but was never a fan of DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise.


After the first few eps , I think Star Trek is making it's best comeback in a long time. The storyline is good so far, effects fantastic. I like the girl from walking dead (forgot the actress's name) as main character, a human raised on Vulcan.


At first I didn't like the tall skinny weirdo alien but he is growing on me. I'm liking his physical and emotional quirks.


not going to comment on specific events happening yet as I'm sure a lot of people are yet to catch it, don't want to spoiler anything.


I'm hopeful for this series.

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I like it.


I have always been more of a fan of the series thathave more complicated plots and build on previous episodes like Babylon 5, DS9 and so on. While I did also like the exploration ones like Next Gen I just couldn't get as much into them. I suppose I like seeing the consequences of actions and so the series that were mostly about turning up discover something/solve a problem then move on didn't have as much appeal to me. Discovery seems to creating a nice plot so far.

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Grew up on TOS and later STTNG. I tried but was never a fan of DS9, Voyager, or Enterprise.



I'm hopeful for this series.


It took awhile for Enterpise to get going, the lack of technology made it hard to bear at first, but the series grew on me. DS 9 was a trifle sedate, Voyager too took a while. But as with Discovery, we will need to see where it goes.

First ST series without the input of one of the long term people - see Brandon Braga is now producing "the Orville "

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It bothered me a bit that the technology is way ahead of the original series even though it is set prior to the original show. Not a deal breaker but there it is. I have enjoyed the show so far.
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I do not like it, Sam I am

I do not like this Star Trek Sham

People say "Yay Klingon Warfare"

But I see no Klingon's anywhere

23rd Century holographic communications, what a sight!

Yet such standard was beyond even the 24th centuries technological might!

Remember how phasers were energy beams?

Now they're all Star Wars blasters it seems

They said again and again "This is all Prime"

But that's horseshit this is a reboot timeline

Neither Prime, nor Kelvin, nor Mirror too

And frankly as a Trek fan, it feels like Trek Poo

Yet, if it were just a new sci-fi franchise

You'd probably find more joy in these here eyes




That's enough of that. As a Star Trek show I don't like it at all. If it were honest and just a new sci-fi franchise that wasn't pretending to be Star Trek I'd probably like this a hell of a lot more than I do. Go forward, not back. YOU ****ED IT UP CBS. But I'm honestly not surprised.

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Can't you just attribute everything to time travel?


Wrong tech, not following lore. Must be someone time traveled :)


I don't really follow the star trek lore too much and have no idea about when things occured with star dates. However I thought the klingons originally looked like humans but a genetic weapon changed them. This series they look even more deformed so I am guessing they are just ignoring that fact.

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