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Famicom (AV model)- mod for using NES zappers

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So it seems the AV Famicom ( HVC-101) only uses the 15 pin light gun released in Japan. The rather cool looking but expensive revolver. This mod allows you to use any NES zappers. Instructions here:




I've read elsewhere of people making external adapters using neo geo cables and bits and pieces. This mod is much simpler than that and you don't have to buy any cables (",)


Attached is a pic of my job. I'm not the tidiest solderer nowadays, but it's still neater than on that tutorial :D


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Well, for the game I'm using it for at least, I need a regular controller in port 1. Also, and I've already put it back together so I can't check (and my pic isn't really clear and nor is that tute) it seems that port 1 and 2 are wired slightly differently. Ryan pointed out to me that the two terminals on port 2 aren't actually connected to anything!
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